Roseville High School

Roseville High

Roseville High Officials Race To Get Football Field Ready Before Season Opener

An arson-sparked blazed forced the team and school to call an audible to put on a successful graduation ceremony less than 48 hours after last May’s fire.


Roseville graduation

Roseville High Seniors Graduate Day After Fellow Students Torched Stage

Roseville Police say Roy Loya, 18, and a 17-year-old student are responsible for setting the fire that destroyed the graduation stage and damaged the field on Thursday.


Scene of the graduation stage fire, as tweeted by Sarah Mcnanna.

Roseville High’s Graduation Stage Destroyed By Fire; 2 Teens Arrested

Just a day before the ceremony, Roseville High School’s graduation stage has been destroyed by a fire allegedly set by two graduating seniors.


Make A Wish Will

Roseville High Teen Gives Wish to 5-Year-Old

The fact Evan Artica will be graduating high school is a miracle after his bone cancer diagnosis three years ago. He’s celebrating being cancer-free with a few dozen of his closest friends, including a special 5-year-old named Will.


basketball game

Baby Powder Stunt Delays High School Basketball Game; Forces Location Change

Friday night’s Woodcreek High School basketball game was forced to move to Roseville High School after a baby powder stunt left players slipping on the court.


Roseville High School Corpse Flower

Rare Corpse Flower Blooms At Roseville H.S.

Roseville High School has become the first public high school in the world to successfully bring the rare, pungent plant known as the “corpse flower” to bloom.


ketchup vandals

Two More Roseville Schools Vandalized Overnight

Vandals seem to be targeting schools in Roseville as vandals targeted two more campuses overnight, one for the second day in a row.