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Roseville Police Officer Sworn-In After Brain Cancer Left Him ‘2 Millimeters’ From Death

A survivor, many would say, thanks to his wife. Amber Seich insisted doctors take a closer look at her husband after they thought he was just suffering from bad headaches.


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Woman Accused Of Child Endangerment In Roseville Street Racing

One of the cars was driven by a teenager, but in the other, 20-year-old Karina Hernandez was behind the wheel with a very pregnant woman and a child under the age of 5 in the back seat.


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Police: Roseville Suspect Fled From Cops, Stole Car With Family Inside

Police confronted the man who fled by stealing a black Volkswagen Jetta with a family inside. The family was let out by the suspect, but the suspect continued to flee in the stolen vehicle.


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Roseville Drug Bust Leads Police To Identity Theft Ring Affecting Up To 100 People

Roseville Police say a few days ago they arrested Carlos Aranda during a drug stop. In addition to finding meth in his car, officers also found stolen checks and fake IDs—red flags for identity theft.


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Roseville Police Credit Patrol Work With Breaking Burglary Ring

Roseville Police say the weeks-long investigation nabbed four people who were part of the ring, which spanned across Roseville.


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Roseville Police Officer Shot In Jaw In Standoff With Duran Released From Hospital

Five Roseville officers and one federal agent were hurt in last month’s standoff with Samuel Nathan Duran, who faces multiple charges including attempted murder.


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Timeline Of Samuel Nathan Duran Standoff After Alleged Roseville Shooting

Friday afternoon at 3:03 p.m., a Roseville Police crime suppression unit was checking out apartment buildings. A federal ICE agent working as a gang expert joined them.


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Roseville Police: Federal Agent Was Not Looking For Duran When He Found Suspect

Roseville Police announced that Samuel Nathan Duran was originally sought for a parole violation before Friday’s standoff. He is expected to face a parole violation charge, as well as numerous attempted murder charges.


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Couple Accused Of Shoplifting At Roseville Galleria With 12-Year-Old Child

Leo Miller and Terry Ziko face charges that include burglary and child endangerment, and Roseville Police say they are also under investigation for allegedly using a false ID to buy a vehicle.


Cynthia Figueroa

Roseville Police Searching For Missing 53-Year-Old Woman

Cynthia Figueroa’s family says it’s unusual for the 53-year-old to not stay in contact with them, but they haven’t heard from the 53-year-old since she left her Highland Park area home on Wednesday.


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Snake Scam Slithering From Bay Area To Placer County

Scam artists pose as animal-control workers looking for poisonous snakes. Once they get inside, they steal from unsuspecting homeowners.


59-year-old Susan Jacobson. (Credit: Roseville Police Department)

Police Scale Back Search For Missing Roseville Woman

With no new leads in the case, police are now scaling down the search for a Roseville woman missing for more than two months.