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Call Kurtis: When Furniture Delivery Doesn’t Meet Your Expectations

When Elk Grove Furniture Warehouse delivered Andy Maganti’s new couch in pieces, he was surprised, he said. He thought it would come pre-assembled — otherwise he wouldn’t have bought it, he said. But it wasn’t […]

CBS Sacramento–07/03/2012

Gift Card

Call Kurtis: Getting Gift Cards Replaced

A Sacramento man’s $300 dollar Walgreens gift card disappeared. So he called to have it replaced, but he says it’s been a year and a half and Walgreens still hadn’t sent him a replacement! That’s when he called Kurtis.

CBS Sacramento–02/01/2012


Call Kurtis: Give Me Back My Fridge!

Stuck with an old, leaky loaner refrigerator, Silvia Herrejon was tired of mopping up the mess.

CBS Sacramento–10/20/2011