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Business Owners Near Sacramento Kings Arena Fear Rent Hikes Will Drive Them Out Of City

Armando Ponce has been cutting hair in downtown, just a few blocks away from the arena site, for 20 years. He says several tenants have already moved out of the building where he works because the rent was getting too high, and he fears he could be next when his lease is up.


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Downtown Businesses Flourish, Flounder As Sacramento Kings Arena Construction Hits Milestone

CBS13 spoke to Cilantro’s owner Hugo Cervantes six months ago when construction began just a stone’s throw away from his restaurant. He was worried at the time as sidewalks would be closed, parking would be limited and dust and dirt would fill the air.


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Local Restaurant Owners Vying For Spots Across From New Sacramento Kings Arena

Ali Youssefi is one of the project’s developers, and he wants to revitalize the recently rebranded Kay District. That includes building close to 200 apartments on top of the old building with at least 15 restaurants and bars on all sides, including the alley.


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Sacramento Kings Arena Opponents Optimistic Despite Judge Ruling Against Lawsuit

Arena opponents are celebrating for the first time in the legal fight over the public financing of a new sports and entertainment complex in downtown Sacramento.


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Immersive Experience Shows Future Of Sacramento Kings Downtown Arena

While the Sacramento Kings arena is still more than two years away, a new immersive experience will show people how it will feel to stand inside the complex.


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Mayor Kevin Johnson Announces Oversight Committee For Sacramento Kings Arena Benefits

Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson announced an oversight committee to make sure the city receives the community benefits team owners are promising on Monday. But at the same time, a watchdog group is warning the project could be much more pricey than it seems.


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Does Sacramento Have Enough Qualified Workers For Downtown Arena Project?

Construction on the arena is supposed to create thousands of jobs, with more than half of those new jobs expected to go to people living in Sacramento.



Hotel Marshall Tenants Served Eviction Notices In Advance Of Sacramento Kings Arena

About 50 low-income residents will have less than two months to find a new home to live after a City Council vote on Tuesday.


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Judge Rejects Appeal Of Sacramento Kings Arena Subsidy Petition

In his ruling, Sacramento Judge Timothy Frawley wrote “… the court finds that the volume and magnitude of the proponents’ procedural errors undermined the integrity of the electoral process.”


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Judge Delays Ruling On Sacramento Kings Arena Petition, Leaning Toward City

The judge said he’s likely to side with the city over Sacramento Taxpayers Opposed to Pork, but he is delaying a decision until Tuesday and allowing the group to submit a written argument.



Change Of Venue Requested in Sacramento Kings Arena Eminent Domain Case

Concerned they would be seen as nothing but outsiders, the owners of the Macy’s Men’s store building in Downtown Plaza have requested the move to Alameda County.


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Judge Allows PAC To Join Sacramento’s Defense Of Kings’ Arena Measure Rejection

The pro-arena group The 4000 will be submitting papers in court to help bolster the city’s defense against Sacramento Taxpayers Opposed to Pork.