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Sacramento Police Program Helps Stranded Family Return Home Safely After Scary Night

Ernestina Ortiz and her two small children are all smiles now, but it was a different story when Sacramento Police officer Edwin Nonog found them last week stranded at night in Downtown Sacramento.



Police Respond To Fight, Find Woman Dead At Natomas Home

A woman has been found dead at a home in Natomas, the Sacramento Police Department said on Thursday.


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Sacramento Police Officers Carjacked During Traffic Stop

The tables were turned on Sacramento Police officers as they became carjacking victims out on patrol on Tuesday.


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Sacramento Police Call Shotspotter Trial Successful Enough To Try For A Year

Sacramento Police say the technology has already lead to several arrests and the confiscation of illegal firearms.


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WATCH: Police Officer Does Nae Nae With Kids During Sacramento Summer Night Lights

Video posted to the Sacramento Summer Night Lights Facebook page shows an officer leading a group of children in the Nae Nae.


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Sacramento Paintball Shooting Turns Violent As Target Returns Fire With Gun

At around 10 p.m., police say someone fired a paintball gun in the direction of another person in the area of Franklin Boulevard and Shining Star Drive. That person returned fire with an actual gun, wounding three others.


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Sacramento Police Program Aims To Diversify Force

According to the most recent report from Sacramento Police, 76 percent of sworn officers were white, while only 45 percent of Sacramento’s total population was in 2013.


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Sacramento Police Warning Thieves Going To Great Heights To Steal Bikes

“It can be a matter of two to five seconds if a person has scoped out the bike that they want, go up there, clip it and ride away on it,” said Sacramento Police Sgt. Rachel Ellis.


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Sacramento Police: Flashing Blue Light On Surveillance Cameras Not A Distraction

The cameras have already drawn criticism as an invasion of freedom by some residents, but neighbors say the bright blue light on top of the cameras is a distraction that only gets worse as it gets darker.


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Daughter Questions Sacramento Police Pursuit That Claimed The Life Of Her Mother

Michelle Bryden came back to the site where her mother died to grieve. She says her mom, Linda Hull, was no angel. She abused drugs and Bryden was raised in foster care.


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Sacramento Sniper: Who Shot Stephen McDonald From A Second-Story Midtown Apartment?

It was a Friday just before noon. Someone would walk up the stairs leading to a second-floor apartment and shatter all peaceful sounds. Multiple shots were fired from a second-floor window. A sniper had gotten into position to do some serious damage.



Mom, 2 Children Sought By Sacramento Police Found

Police believe Sanjuana Munoz Vasquez, 43, took Yurisel Munoz-Velasco, 6, and Yaretzi Munoz-Velasco, 9, took the children and is possibly heading to Mexico.