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deadly hit and run

Family, Friends Hold Vigil For Bicyclist Killed In Sacramento Hit-And-Run

Sacramento Police say a driver in a silver Cadillac Eldorado with tinted windows was seen in surveillance video fleeing the scene.


traffic cops

Sacramento Police Traffic Patrol Revived After Budget Cuts Slashed Force Three Years Ago

Back on the bike and back on the lookout for those not-so-safe Sacramento drivers, Sgt. Adam Vassallo is the head of the newly re-formed Sacramento Police traffic unit.


choir directory

Police: North Highlands Church Choir Director Has Another Sexual Abuse Victim

Sacramento Police say Kareem Mitchell, 42, will face four additional charges, because another victim has come forward.



Sacramento Testing ShotSpotter Program In Del Paso Heights

Police want to use the technology, which uses a network of sensors to instantly detect the sound and location of gunshots. The system then immediately notifies police dispatchers who can send officers to within 25 feet of where the crime occurred.


driver dies

Sacramento Police Seeking Driver Who May Have Run Car Off Road, Killing Man

Police say the driver of a stolen Pontiac Grand Am was speeding down Fulton Avenue, north of Michelle Drive. A 59-year-old man in a white Volvo traveled alongside the Pontiac.


suspect surrender

Suspect In Downtown Sacramento Police Pursuit Surrenders After Cigarette

During the pursuit, the police department has reported the woman hit three patrol cars.


File (Credit: CBS13)

Sacramento Police Investigating Suspicious Death As Homicide Inside Shining Star Drive Home

Investigators responded to the area before 2 p.m. for a welfare check and found a dead person inside a single-family home.


topless thief

Sacramento Police Searching For Topless Thief In Hair Heist

They say the man ran out, hair in hand and the woman tried to follow until she was blocked at the front door by the owner. That’s when a struggle started, ending with the suspect’s sweater being ripped off as she ran away, leaving her in just a hot pink bra.


unusual death

Sacramento Police: Toddler’s Death ‘Unusual’

Neighbors CBS13 spoke to said there are lots of late nights at the home, so they figured it was more of the same on Monday, until an ambulance arrived and took the little girl away.


tackled by a cop

Whatever Happened To The Suspected Burglar Who Was Tackled By Sacramento Cop?

CBS13’s cameras were rolling as a suspected burglar in Land Park tried to make a getaway on a stolen bike. Sacramento Police officer Paul Curtis wasn’t going to let that happen, tackling the escaping suspect in a dramatic CBS13 video.


police shooting Sacramento

Ferguson Shooting Revives Memories Of Similar Sacramento Incident In 1970s

Raymond Brewer, a 15-year-old star athlete, was shot and killed by a Sacramento Police sergeant who thought the teen and his friends were an armed group of robbers. It turns out, Brewer had a broom he used to fend off dogs in the neighborhood.


ATM Theft Alert

Sacramento ATM Thieves Wait For Victims To Ignore Important Question

Sacramento Police say it happened several times in North Sacramento. The victims would forget to answer that last question: Would you like another transaction?