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Ferguson Shooting Revives Memories Of Similar Sacramento Incident In 1970s

Raymond Brewer, a 15-year-old star athlete, was shot and killed by a Sacramento Police sergeant who thought the teen and his friends were an armed group of robbers. It turns out, Brewer had a broom he used to fend off dogs in the neighborhood.


ATM Theft Alert

Sacramento ATM Thieves Wait For Victims To Ignore Important Question

Sacramento Police say it happened several times in North Sacramento. The victims would forget to answer that last question: Would you like another transaction?



Sacramento K-9 Officers Gets State-Of-The-Art Bullet-Proof Vests

The nonprofit Cover Your K-9 stepped up and donated them. Organizers like the group have popped up in recent years to help cash-strapped departments take care of their dogs.


more Guns

Police: Fleeing Sacramento Suspect Shot Himself In Leg During Chase

He tried telling officers it was an old injury he reaggravated while running from cops, but officers didn’t buy it.


Good Samaritan honored

Bystander Who Helped Sacramento Police Take Down Suspect Honored

By now, you’ve probably seen the video of Louis Buchetto helping officer Paul Curtis tackle a man sought for outstanding warrants and a burglary.



Woman Shot During Home Invasion; Suspects Flee With Cash, Pot

During a struggle with the woman over her purse, one of the suspects fired, hitting the woman in the lower leg.



Sacramento Mother Arrested After Search For Missing Autistic Child

Police circled the neighborhood in helicopter on Saturday looking for 31-year-old Desirae McKinney’s son. He was found at around 8 p.m. that night.


Tackle takedown

Viral Video Of Sacramento Takedown Arrest Shines Spotlight On Officer

Paul Curtis is a physically gifted 15-year veteran. He rode his bike across the country in 2011 and is a department fitness coordinator.


Dramatic Takedown Of Sacramento Suspect Caught On Video

Our cameras were there when the suspect hopped over a fence and took off on a bike toward CBS13 photojournalist James Taylor.


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Parolee Leads Sacramento Police On Chase With Small Child In Car

The short chase ended just before 2:30 p.m. near Millbrook and Ruskut ways when the driver hit a parked car.


Stun gun attacks

Women Accused Of Using Stun Guns On Sacramento Shoppers During Robberies

Three unsuspecting women were attacked in two days—one in the Walmart parking lot on Truxel Road in Natomas, and two others at shopping centers on Florin Road.


Kidnapping suspect

Sacramento Kidnapping Suspect Denies Playing Role In Ransoming Woman

Violeta Rivas-Corleta and friend Anthony Meza are accused of kidnapping a young woman and holding her for ransom at an apartment complex.