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Best Free Summer Activities For Kids In Sacramento

Pull the kids away from their iPods and headphones and let them experience music in the real world with free outdoor summer concerts.


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Best Ways To Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month In Sacramento

With its diverse population and thriving community of artists, authors, chefs and other creative types, Sacramento is the perfect spot to learn about, explore and appreciate Hispanic Heritage Month.


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Educational Summer Activities For Kids In Sacramento

Kids from preschoolers to teens will love these educational Sacramento summer programs that are cleverly disguised as nothing but fun.


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Best Ways To Celebrate Lunar New Year In Sacramento

There are many ways to enjoy the festivals, food, dance and pageantry of Lunar New Year celebrations in the Sacramento area.


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Best Ways To Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month In Sacramento

Join Sacramento in celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month at the venues listed here.


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Best Summer Reading Resources For Kids In Sacramento

If your child struggles with comprehensive reading, check out these programs offered in Sacramento.


3D Printer

Sacramento Library Offering State-Of-The-Art 3-D Printer Use

Libraries have helped visitors open doors to the world of imagination but now one branch of the Sacramento Public Library is offering a chance to bring those images to life.



Best Ways To Celebrate Women’s History Month 2013 In Sacramento

Fifty years ago, it was legal for an employer to not hire women simply because they were female. But today, women are successful astronauts, politicians, corporate presidents, athletes and artists. You’ve come a long way, baby.


chinese snake

Best Ways To Celebrate Lunar New Year In Sacramento

Lunar New Year begins on February 10 this year, ushering in the year of the Snake. Celebrations, foods and other traditional trappings of the two-week Chinese New Year can be found all over the Sacramento area. According to Chinese astrology, those born under the snake sign of the zodiac are good luck, so 2013 is a perfect year to begin celebrating the holiday.


hobbit poster

Best Ways To Bring Middle Earth To Sacramento

Celebrate “The Hobbit” with other fans in the area. The long-awaited prequel is causing a stir worldwide and fans in the Sacramento area are finding many ways to celebrate.


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Best Spots for Summer Playdates In Sacramento

Sacramento has plenty of options for playdaters this summer, and it is easy to see that fun doesn’t have to be expensive. Whether you want to enjoy the great outdoors or stay inside in air-conditioned comfort, the kids will find it hard to resist the art, music, dance, theater, sports, animals, trains and even anime and camping activities this area has to offer.


Fifty Shades of Grey

Steamy Book Has Women Rushing To Libraries

Erotic literature, they call it. “Fifty Shades of Grey” is the number one paperback and eBook right now and has been for months.