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Sacramento Zoo Giraffes

Family Guide To The Sacramento Zoo

Do you and your family love animals? Then take a trip to the Sacramento Zoo. You can visit during normal hours and walk around, or take one of their special tours like those listed here, throughout the year.


The Sacramento Zoo's Mongoose Lemur with its infant. (Credit: Sacramento Zoo)

3 Baby Lemurs Born At Sacramento Zoo

The Sacramento Zoo has welcomed some new additions: three baby lemurs.


(Credit: Zookeeper Erik Bowker)

A Look At The Sacramento Zoo’s New Lion Cubs

It has been a week of happiness and heartbreak for the big cats at the Sacramento Zoo.


zoo director

Sacramento Zoo Director Mary Healy’s Sudden Death Shocks Employees, Supporters

The executive director and CEO of the Sacramento Zoo for more than 14 years died on Thursday at the age of 61. She was on her way to the Galapagos Islands when she suffered a brain aneurysm. Later, she was declared brain dead, and then suffered a massive heart attack.


Photo of Healy provided by the Sacramento Zoo.

Sacramento Zoo’s Director Dies During Trip To Galapagos Islands

The Sacramento Zoo announced Friday that its director and CEO, Mary Healy, has died.


Photo Credit: Thinkstock

Best Upcoming Summer Charity Events In Sacramento

There’s no such thing as a “fun” run, so stop letting charity make you sweat. These are our favorite summer events that are not only great for our community, but also are a blast.


Six of the nine owls at 18-days-old. (Credit: Sacramento Zoo)

Baby Burrowing Owls Hatch At Sacramento Zoo

The Sacramento Zoo has announced that nine Burrowing owl chicks have hatched.


Photo Credit: Getty Images

Best Volunteer Opportunities For Animal Lovers In Sacramento

Sacramento has a number of wonderful opportunities for animal lovers to volunteer and enjoy. Some have prerequisites, while others are simple items you can do when you have 15 minutes to spare. Read on to see where you fit into the animal lover’s volunteer opportunities.


Sacramento Zoo Giraffes

Sacramento Zoo Officials Say Copenhagen Slaughter Won’t Happen Here

The horrifying images of the young giraffe named Marius being killed with a bolt gun, an ensuing autopsy in front of children, and the feeding of the giraffe to lions have spread like wildfire across the Internet.



Best Tourist Attractions In Sacramento Worth The Hype

With so much to see and do, the hardest choice can be where to start. Here’s a great list to go off of.


Credit: CBS13

Sumatran Tiger Undergoes Surgery At The Sacramento Zoo

Veterinary surgeons at the Sacramento Zoo are removing obstructions caused by stones in a Sumatran tiger’s urinary tract.


sac zoo tiger

A Guide To Sacramento Zoo

Create a day of fun-filled excitement when visiting the Sacramento Zoo with this all-inclusive guide.