Modesto Is Latest City To Float Sales Tax Measure For More PoliceSacramento passed a similar measure in November and it’s provided more police for the city. The city of Stockton is considering a similar measure.
Sacramento City Fire Hiring Firefighters After Quarter-Cent Sales Tax IncreaseSeventeen firefighters are about to graduate from the academy and another 24 are set to be offered jobs this month. That’s a total of 41 firefighters that will be added to replace some of the positions lost during the recession.
Stockton Ponders Sale Tax Increase To Pay For More CopsThe concern is how the cash will be spent. The plan would lead to the hiring of 120 officers in an understaffed police department, while at the same keeping the city afloat.
Call Kurtis Investigates: Rental Car Companies Charging Customers Wrong Sales TaxMore than two months after the City of Sacramento raised its sales tax, a Call Kurtis investigation finds some businesses outside the city are overcharging.
Call Kurtis Investigates: Stores Overcharging Customers After Sales Tax HikeCBS13 went undercover and caught area stores overtaxing customers.
Stockton City Manager, Mayor Clash Over Sales Tax Proposal To Hire New OfficersA plan to raise Stockton’s sales tax is stirring up debate between the mayor and city manager.
Call Kurtis: Why Was I Charged Sales Tax On The Full Price?A Dixon man bought a big screen TV on sale but later found out he was charged tax on the full price. When he couldn't learn why, he called Kurtis to get answers.
UPDATE: Voters Approve Brown's Prop. 30, Increasing Sales, Income TaxesCalifornia voters have approved Gov. Jerry Brown's plan to raise income taxes on the wealthy and raise the statewide sales tax to fund K-12 schools and help balance the state budget.