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Feds Release Extra Water To Save Klamath Salmon From Disease

With water scarce in Northern California’s Klamath Basin, a federal agency is again releasing cool clean water into the Klamath River to prevent a repeat of the 2002 fish kill that left tens of thousands of adult salmon dead.


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Experts: Illegal Pot Farms In California Threatening Salmon Fisheries

A state legislative committee will look at the impact of the drought and water use by illegal marijuana cultivators on North Coast fisheries at a hearing in Sacramento.


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Why Are There Salmon In A Creek Behind A Roseville Movie Theater?

Just above the quiet, tranquil and extremely shallow waters of Dry Creek in Roseville is a busy Eureka Boulevard. But below that hustle and bustle, nature is busy too.



Water Chillers Being Installed At Nimbus Hatchery To Help Preserve Salmon Population

California’s young fish are getting a little relief from the state’s heat: giant water coolers.


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Five Healthy Foods For Your Brain

When it comes to maintaining and even enhancing brain health, choosing the right foods is critically important. These five foods will have your brain working in top gear.


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6 Sea Lions Killed To Protect Columbia Salmon

Six California sea lions have been euthanized to protect endangered salmon crossing Bonneville Dam on the Columbia River.


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Baby Salmon Trucked To Delta In Response To Extreme Drought

“These fish, they’re tiny and they’re lousy swimmers,” said John McManus with the Golden Gate Salmon Association. “They don’t swim down the river ocean, they get flushed down by rain and snowmelt, of which we don’t have very much of this year.”


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Flooding Rice Fields In Winter Could Help Raise Bigger Salmon

Floodplain-raised fish have shown a higher survival rate and a larger size over river-raised salmon.


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Lawsuits Could Bring About Changes At West Coast Fish Hatcheries

People on the West Coast have counted on fish hatcheries for more than a century to help rebuild populations of salmon and steelhead decimated by overfishing, logging, mining, agriculture and hydroelectric dams, and bring them to a level where government would no longer need to regulate fisheries.


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Ambitious Calif. River Restoration Problem Plagued

A year ago federal officials trucked 116 spawning salmon to the upper San Joaquin River in Central California and invited media to watch them swim free for the first time since a dam cut off the river’s flow a half century ago.



Strong Salmon Season Predicted In Rivers After Many Down Years

The Department of Fish and Wildlife says we’re in store for an above-normal salmon season. So many are already coming upstream from the ocean, you can see them slapping up against the weir at the Nimbus Hatchery.


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Calif. Farmers Sue Over Water Releases For Salmon

Farmers in California’s San Joaquin Valley are suing the federal government over the planned release of water from a Northern California reservoir to prevent a salmon kill in the lower Klamath River.