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Former Sacramento Police Chief Speaking Out Against Self-Deployment Surges

He’s debriefing officers across the country, starting in Sacramento, on his investigation into the police response to ex-LAPD officer-turned-cop-killer Christopher Dorner.


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Duran Enters Not Guilty To Charges Stemming From Roseville Standoff

Samuel Duran entered a not guilty plea to charges stemming from a shooting and standoff in Roseville last weekend.


Duran in court

Samuel Nathan Duran Does Not Enter Plea In First Court Appearance After Standoff

Samuel Nathan Duran faced charges related to Friday’s alleged shooting and standoff for the first time on Tuesday, though he did not enter a plea. He faces a dozen charges, which include seven counts of attempted murder.


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UPDATE: Accused Roseville Shooter Does Not Enter Plea At Hearing

Criminal charges have been filed against Sammy Duran, the man accused of shooting several officers and sparking and hours-long manhunt and standoff in Roseville last weekend.


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Roseville Woman Talks About Escaping With Family From Alleged Cop Shooter

A Roseville family nearly came face-to-face with Friday’s Roseville standoff suspect when he ran into their home to hide from police.