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File photo: Military handout of an HH-3C helicopter lowering a pararescueman during a joint military exercise. (USAF via Getty Images)

Rescued Chinese Fisherman Airlifted To California Burn Unit

Fishing vessel caught fire and sank hundreds of miles off Mexico’s Pacific coast, Air Force rescuers parachuted into the water to reach the ship.


sick baby stranded on boat

Family Saved At Sea Asks Critics To Hold Judgment

A family lifted from a disabled sailboat hundreds of miles off the Mexican coast with their sick 1-year-old thanked rescuers and defended their “maritime life” in their first public comments since returning to land.


sick baby stranded on boat

Navy Warship En Route To Sick Toddler On Sailboat

A U.S. Navy warship was headed Saturday to rescue a 1-year-old girl who fell ill on a crippled sailboat that was attempting to circle the world.


The Xbox One is touteed as  a home entertainment hub that goes far beyond games. Microsoft announced a $499 price for the unit. (GLENN CHAPMAN/AFP/Getty Images)

Boy, 5, Finds Flaw In Xbox Live Security

A 5-year-old San Diego boy has outwitted the sharpest minds at Microsoft — he’s found a backdoor to the Xbox.


File (Photo by Phil Mislinski/Getty Images).

Sick Baby On Sailboat In Pacific Draws Rescuers

A rescue effort is underway in the Pacific after a 1-year-old child was reported ill aboard a 36-foot sailboat 900 miles southwest of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.


Nude dancers say officers held them against their will and took revealing photographs without their permission. (Getty Images)

Strippers Claim San Diego Cops Violated Their Civil Rights

30 dancers at Cheetahs Gentlemen’s Club say officers photographed them nearly nude and made “arrogant” demands.


Black Police Precinct And Courthouse Museum Recalls Miami's Segregated Past

California Woman Accused Of Being Fugitive In Michigan Wasn’t Fugitive

Officials blamed a lack of information for the arrest of a San Diego woman who spent more than a month in jail before she was released Friday.


(Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

Autopsy: American Died Of Drug Overdose In Border Cell

U.S. citizen died of methamphetamine overdose at a Border Patrol station near San Diego.


You're more likely to "like" something if your Facebook friend posted a positive status update. (Getty Images)

Emotions Spread Through Facebook Can Be Contagious

Researchers find your status update can be influenced by what a friend writes in his or her update.



San Diego County Man Dies From Bee Attack

A San Diego County man has died after being attacked by bees.


File photo of marijuana. (credit: David McNew/Getty Images)

San Diego Approves Rules For Medical Pot Shops

San Diego passed regulations Tuesday to allow medical marijuana dispensaries to legally operate in the city.


Kevin Faulconer replaces Democrat Bob Filner who resigned after sexual harassment allegations. (Credit:

Republican Wins San Diego Mayor Special Election

Councilman Kevin Faulconer becomes the only Republican to lead a major city in California.