San Luis Obispo

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Quick Action Saves Worker Caught In Running Meat Grinder

Fire officials say an employee at a wholesale California grocer is lucky to be alive after getting caught in a running meat grinder.


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Surfer Survives Shark Bite Off Central California

A man surfing on the Central California coast was dragged under water by a juvenile great white shark and bitten in the hip on Sunday before he could paddle to shore, where he received help from two doctors who happened to be on the beach, a witness said Sunday.


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California Woman Climbs Into Zoo’s Giraffe Pen, Gets Kicked In The Face

Police say a California woman was cited after climbing into the giraffe exhibit at a Madison zoo and getting kicked in the face.


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Steer Doused With Kerosene And Set On Fire Avoids Being Killed Again

A steer named Panda is now recovering at an animal sanctuary after being doused in kerosene and set on fire.


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‘Colonial Bros And Nava-Hos’ Party Didn’t Violate Cal Poly Campus Policies

It urged women to wear racy attire with a Native American theme and sparked complaints that it was sexist and ethnically offensive.


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Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Third School In State With Meningitis Case

The university said in a statement that the student, who lives off campus, was diagnosed Thursday and is receiving treatment.


Evan Alexander Green, 21, of Chico was arrested Saturday, June 18, 2011, on suspiciou of second-dregree murder and driving without a valid license. (credit: San Luis Obispo County Jail)

CHP Says Chico State Student In Fatal SoCal Crash Was Very Drunk

Investigators say the California driver of a car that flipped, killing two passengers, had a blood-alcohol level three times the legal driving limit.


5,068-Acre California Wildfire Raging Untamed

California firefighters are battling a wildfire that has already burned nearly 8 square miles of grassland on a westward run from a Kern County oil field to a remote area of eastern San Luis Obispo County.


Woman Gets Nearly 5 Years In Prison For Forged Doctor Note

A California forger who showed up in court with a phony doctor note seeking a sentencing delay has been sentenced to nearly five years in prison.