Sarah Douglas

Credit: CBS13

Former Cal Fire Battalion Chief Accused Of Murder Faces Victim’s Family In Hearing

The former Cal Fire battalion chief accused of murdering his fiancée will stand trial for the crime.



Former Cal Fire Chief Accused Of Killing Fiancée Pleads Not Guilty

The former Cal Fire chief accused of murder has entered a “not guilty” plea at a hearing Monday.



CHP Looks Into Allegations Of Firefighters Had Sex With Woman Later Stabbed To Death

The report, which is so far unsubstantiated, arose during the manhunt for Orville Fleming, a former state battalion chief and training officer who was arrested in connection with the death of the woman, a former escort who became his girlfriend.


Fleming in court

Former Cal Fire Battalion Chief Does Not Enter Plea Again In Murder Case

A former Cal Fire battalion chief who allegedly killed his fiancee did not enter a plea in court on his second appearance before a judge on Tuesday. Instead, the murder case was continued until early July.



Murder Suspect Orville Fleming Hiding In Bushes For 16 Days Near Where Truck Was Found

Fleming, 55, had been on the run since May 1. Authorities accuse Fleming of brutally murdering his 26-year-old girlfriend Sarah Jane Douglas at a home the two shared in Elk Grove. Douglas was found brutally murdered and left face down on the floor, her family told CBS13.


Sarah Douglas

Fiancee’s Family Mourns As Manhunt For California Fire Chief Continues

Family and friends gathered to remember a young mother who was brutally murdered, allegedly at the hands of her fire chief fiance.