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SPACE, SPACE:  Saturn's atmosphere is prominently shown(R) in this 19 August, 2004 NASA Cassini image, with the rings emerging from behind the planet at upper right. The two moons on the left of the image are Mimas and Enceladus. This image was taken 8.5 million kilometers (5.3 million miles) from Saturn.  The Cassini-Huygens mission is a cooperative project of NASA, the European Space Agency and the Italian Space Agency. AFP PHOTO/NASA/JPL  (Photo credit: HO/AFP/Getty Images)

Vast Ocean Found Beneath Ice Of Saturn Moon

Scientists have uncovered a vast ocean beneath the icy surface of Saturn’s little moon Enceladus.


"I don’t go anywhere crazy. Does Disneyland count?"

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Malvina At Rick’s Dessert Diner

“She’s a Saturn and Phoebe is one of the moons of Saturn. I’m a nerd.” – Malvina and her Saturn Ion 2


The huge storm churning through the atmosphere in Saturn's northern hemisphere overtakes itself as it encircles the planet in this true-color view from NASA's Cassini spacecraft. (NASA/JPL)

Astronomers Observe Colossal Saturn Storm

It began as a bright white dot in Saturn’s northern hemisphere. Within days, the dot grew larger and stormier.
Soon the tempest enveloped the ringed planet, triggering lightning flashes thousands of times more intense than on Earth.