Documents Show Another Delayed GM RecallGeneral Motors recalled a small number of Pontiac G6 midsize cars to fix a faulty brake light system in 2009, yet waited more than five years to call back over 2 million other cars with the same system.
Vast Ocean Found Beneath Ice Of Saturn MoonScientists have uncovered a vast ocean beneath the icy surface of Saturn's little moon Enceladus.
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Malvina At Rick's Dessert Diner"She's a Saturn and Phoebe is one of the moons of Saturn. I'm a nerd." - Malvina and her Saturn Ion 2
Astronomers Observe Colossal Saturn StormIt began as a bright white dot in Saturn's northern hemisphere. Within days, the dot grew larger and stormier. Soon the tempest enveloped the ringed planet, triggering lightning flashes thousands of times more intense than on Earth.