Saudi Arabia

File photo of a judge's gavel. (credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Long Beach Man Charged With Killing Saudi College Student In Apparent Robbery, Carjacking

Agustin Rosendo Fernandez, 28, was charged with murder with the special circumstances of the crime being committed during a robbery and carjacking. The complaint also alleges personal use of a deadly weapon, a knife.


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Human Trafficking Charges Tossed Against Saudi Princess In Southern California

The announcement came during what had been expected to be the arraignment of Meshael Alayban, 42, on the felony charge punishable by up to 12 years in prison.


Revolution Rumblings in the Middle East

With the human rights crisis reaching what could be a crescendo in Libya, attention’s turned to North Africa and away from places like Yemen and Bahrain. But I’ve been watching closely and wondering about what […]

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