Sea Lion

The wayward sea lion getting a ride in a patrol car. (Credit: Mendocino County Sheriff)

Sea Lion Pup Spotted On Foggy Road, Gets Ride In Patrol Car

A sea lion pup walked about a quarter mile from a Northern California ocean and was rescued by sheriff’s deputies.


File (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Police: Sea Lion Pup Abducted From Los Angeles Beach

Whoever snatched a seal or sea lion pup from a Los Angeles beach early Sunday should not be fooled by the animal’s cuteness – they could suffer a vicious bite, an animal rescue expert said.


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Sea Lion Pulls Man With Fish Into San Diego Bay

62-year-old man survived with minor cuts after being pulled under 20 feet of water by an apparently hungry sea lion.


Sean Bogle © The Marine Mammal Center.

Hoppie, The Sea Lion Rescued From A Modesto Almond Orchard, Released Into Wild

Hoppie, who spent about five weeks receiving much-need nourishment and recovering from sores at the mammal center, drew media attention last month when workers discovered him hopping through Mape’s Ranch orchard, a mile from the San Joaquin River.


Hoppie, the sea lion pup. (Credit: The Marine Mammal Center)

Sea Lion Pup ‘Hoppie’ Recovering After Central Valley Trek

A sea lion pup is recovering after being found wandering over 100 miles inland, officials say.


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Sea Lions Have Sacramento Fishermen’s Rods Coming Up Empty

Even though the salmon are literally jumping out of the American River, fishermen aren’t faring well as sea lions are enjoying the feast.


Keekee the Sea Lion was released near Marin. (CBS)

Sea Lion Released Into Ocean Near Marin After Rescue, Rehabilitation

A rehabilitated California sea lion was given a Christmas Eve send-off when he was released back to the ocean Monday in Marin County, a Marine Mammal Center spokesman said.


This injured sea lion was rescued after crossing both the north, and southbound lanes of Highway 101 in Burlingame.

Sea Lion Found On NorCal Highway Had Been Shot

Veterinarians caring for a sea lion that was rescued after waddling onto a busy Northern California highway over the weekend say the animal suffered a gunshot wound.


The sea lion called “Silent Knight,” shown during its rehabilitation at the Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito. (CBS)

Wounded Sea Lion Heading To San Francisco Zoo

A sea lion discovered with a gunshot wound to the face on a Sausalito beach has found a home at the San Francisco Zoo.


A sea lion pup. (credit: NOAA)

Sea Lion Shot In Face Won’t Survive In The Wild

A sea lion that was found shot in the face on a Sausalito beach is blind and will not be able to return to the wild.


The sea lion was found wandering on campus near a Knightsen elementary school. (Credit: CBS 5)

Rescued California Sea Lion Will be Euthanized

Authorities say a sea lion that was rescued after stranding itself for the third time this year will be euthanized because she has extreme brain damage and can’t survive either in captivity or the wild.


The sea lion was found wandering on campus near a Knightsen elementary school. (Credit: CBS 5)

Sea Lion Rescued At Bay Area School

A sea lion that seems to be making a habit of stranding itself on dry land is being cared for at an animal rescue center after being rescued for the third time this year.