BART management is reconsidering its recently negotiated contract after discovering language that apparently gives employees six weeks of paid family leave each year. (Getty Images)

BART, Unions To Meet Again Over Contract Provision

San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit and its two largest unions will be meeting again with a federal mediator over a key contract provision that has led to a lawsuit.


(Photo: Publicity shots of Dick Devos, union opponent, and James P. Hoffa, union organizer)

Digital Debate: Teamster’s Hoffa & Amway Heir DeVos: Clash Over Unions!

James P. Hoffa and Dick DeVos have vastly differing views of unions, which is why in this heated political climate battles are raging across America over unions in Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, California and other states, the two took time to participate in CBS Local Digital Debate.


(credit: CBS)

Largest State Workers Union Ratifies Furlough Deal

California’s largest state workers union has ratified a furlough agreement to reduce employees’ pay by roughly 5 percent for a year.


(credit: CBS)

SEIU Under Attack From Inside Out

The SEIU, California’s most powerful state worker’s union, is under attack from the inside out, but members say they’re giving themselves a pay raise.


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Tea Party Members Planning To Infiltrate Capitol Rally

Union leaders in Sacramento are planning a rally at the capitol tonight to show support for protesters in Wisconsin. But they can expect some opposition from *within* their crowd.