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Unions Fighting Back Against Supreme Court Ruling Involving In-Home Care Workers

As a state employee, she automatically pays fees to a public employees union. But a Supreme Court decision is putting union leaders on the defensive.


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ATU Local 1555 To Vote On Revised BART Labor Deal

One of the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit agency’s largest unions is scheduled to vote on a revised labor deal to resolve months of heated negotiations.


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BART, Union Leaders Reach Pact

The threat of another commute-crippling transportation strike in the San Francisco Bay area receded on Saturday when officials for the region’s transit rail system and negotiators for its two largest labor unions said they had resolved the latest sticking point in their months-long negotiations and reached a new contract.


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BART Unions Sue Transit Agency Over Provision Left Out Of Approved Contract

The new labor deal approved by the board left out a Family Medical Leave Act provision both sides signed off on to end an October strike.


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BART OKs Deal Without Family Medical Leave Provision

The San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit board on Thursday approved a tentative contract deal after stripping out a disputed family medical leave provision that officials with its two largest unions have said they want in the deal.


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BART, Unions Meet Over Contract Provision Dispute

Bay Area Rapid Transit officials and its two largest unions were meeting on Monday to go over the agency’s estimates of how much a disputed contract provision would cost.


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BART Calls For Return To Bargaining Table

San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit’s contract with its two largest unions appears to be facing uncertainty as the agency called late Friday for a return to the bargaining table, just weeks after the agreement settled a dispute that had caused two strikes.


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BART Might Reconsider Labor Contract

BART management is reconsidering its recently negotiated contract after discovering language that apparently gives employees six weeks of paid leave each year.


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State Employees’ Payroll Increased 39 Percent From 2008 To 2012

The 2012 payroll was $516 million, up 39 percent from 2008 when it was just $373 million.


A Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) train pulls away from the Rockridge station in Oakland. (Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

SF Transit Workers Get Raise, Higher Benefit Costs

The tentative contract that ended the San Francisco Bay Area’s transit strike includes a 15 percent raise over four years but also increased worker contributions toward their health insurance and pensions, a person with direct knowledge of the agreement said Wednesday.



BART Trains Running With Limited Service

The San Francisco Bay Area’s main commuter train system is running limited service Tuesday morning after a tentative deal was struck to end a commute-crippling four-day strike.


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Train Kills 2 Track Workers Amid SF Bay Strike

A San Francisco Bay Area commuter train returning from routine maintenance struck and killed two workers who were inspecting the tracks Saturday afternoon — an accident that comes amid a strike that has shut the Bay Area Rapid Transit system down to riders for the past few days.