Six Flags Discovery Kingdom


Last Ride For ‘Roar’ At Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

After 16 years of rides, “Roar” at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom said farewell.


"Roar" at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. (Source: Six Flags/Youtube)

“Roar” At Six Flags Discovery Kingdom To Close

An iconic roller coaster at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is “roaring” for the last time next month.


Photo of Nairobi provided by Six Flags.

Oldest Giraffe At Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Dies

The oldest giraffe at a Northern California amusement and animal park has died.


Credit: Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Six Flags Animal Kingdom Welcomes New Seal Pup

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is welcoming the newest member of its animal family.


Bertie Mae (Credit: Six Flags Discovery Kingdom)

Six Flag Discovery Mourns Passing Of Elephant

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is in mourning after the passing of their female Asian elephant named Bertie Mae last week.


(credit: CBS)

Park Says Mechanical Issues Did Not Cause Roller Coaster To Stall

Officials at a Northern California theme park say they have ruled out mechanical problems for the stalling of a roller coaster carrying a dozen people about 150 feet above the ground.


A man enjoys a ride on a roller coaster

Dozen Riders Rescued From Stalled Superman Roller Coaster

The Superman Ultimate Flight rollercoaster at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom stalled with riders onboard.


Terry, a 51-year-old bottlenosed dolphin, was one of the oldest dolphins in captivity before her death.

One Of Nation’s Oldest Captive Dolphins Dies At Discovery Kingdom

One of the oldest dolphins in captivity in the United States has died at her home at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.


A newborn baby giraffe at Six Flags Discovery Kingdon has been named Brandon after Giants outfielder Brandon Belt whose nickname is "Baby Giraffe". (credit: Six Flags Discovery Kingdom)

Baby Giraffe Named After Giants Rookie Brandon Belt

San Francisco Giants outfielder Brandon Belt, known as ‘Baby Giraffe’, is getting a tall honor.


The new SkyScreamer debuts at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo this spring. (credit: Six Flags Discovery Kingdom)

Thrill Is Back, So Are Crowds At Amusement Parks

Amusement parks thrown for a loop by the slumping economy over the last few years are starting to rebound, drawing bigger crowds over the past year and spending more money on new attractions and shows this season.



Best Amusement Parks In The Sacramento Area

Kids, grown-ups and everyone in between all love amusement parks. What’s not to love? Rides, games, food, prizes and the opportunity to lug around a giant stuffed animal all afternoon!

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