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Study: Quitting Facebook Could Make You HappierStaying off Facebook could actually make you happier, according to new research.
Social Media Key In Soothing Worried Families Following Hurricane PatriciaIt's been an agonizing 24 hours for many local families unable to reach family and friends after Hurricane Patricia.
Social Media Giving Stockton Police Help Solving CrimesPolice still have regular shifts on the streets, but they're also patrolling their Facebook page for any clues, tips, or witnesses that can help them solve crimes.
How To Start Your Own Travel BlogFive helpful tips to help you get started on creating your own travel blog
Police: Men Hunted Victim In Midtown Sacramento On PeriscopeWith Gonzalez narrating the entire time, the two men claim they’re on their way to take care of a man who may be with one of their girlfriends.
'City Of Trees' Concert Flooded By Complaints About Lack Of WaterThousands turned out for the “City of Trees” concert at Gibson Ranch Saturday, but many aren't talking about the live performances.
Instagram Removes Searchable #EDM Hashtag"#EDM was being used to share content that violates our guidelines around nudity.”
Social Media Post Helps Reunite Wandering Lodi Toddler With FamilyA social-media post is credited with reuniting a wandering little girl with her family, but questions still remain about why she was alone.
Will The Internet Listen To Your Private Conversations?Like a lot of teenagers, Aanya Nigam reflexively shares her whereabouts, activities and thoughts on Twitter, Instagram and other social networks without a qualm.
49ers Coach Jim Tomsula Will Guide Players On Social Media
Facebook Plea Helps Woman Escape Ex-Boyfriend's Violent AttackLying in wait in the garage with a knife, Yuba County Sheriff’s deputies say Parrish Heavens ambushed his 41-year-old ex-girlfriend when she got home from work in Plumas Lake. He’s accused of raping her, and cutting her face with the knife he eventually turned on himself, cutting his own throat.
California Bill Would Protect Social Media Accounts After DeathA bill approved by the state Assembly on Monday would give guidelines for judges to follow before they could order electronic providers to turn over electronic information to the executor or administrator of an estate.
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