Space Shuttle Endeavour

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Endeavour Viewers Pack Downtown Rooftops, Cause Traffic Delays

The shuttle flyover brought business to a halt in downtown Sacramento, drawing large crowds and creating traffic headaches.


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The Don Geronimo Show – September 21, 2012

Don begins with Little Joe’s prank on Craig, hiding Craig’s Gatorade on top of the AC unit above his head, while Craig looked furiously for it before the show. The guys then talk about the […]

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Space Shuttle Endeavour Begins Trip To Los Angeles

Rooftops, Tall Buildings Home To Best Endeavour Viewing Spots

The retired space shuttle Endeavour is in Houston Wednesday night after getting a piggy back ride from Florida as the shuttle heads to its retirement home in Los Angeles.


Space Shuttle Endeavour Retires After Its Final Mission

Where Are You Going To Watch Endeavour’s Sacramento Flyover?

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime event! Where are you planning on going to watch as the Space Shuttle Endeavour flies over the Capital City?


(credit: Bruce Weaver/Getty Images)

Endeavour On Its Way To California; Sacramento Flyover Planned For Friday

The space shuttle Endeavour is now on its way to California.



NASA Releases Details On Shuttle Endeavour’s Sacramento Flyover

After being pushed back by a day due to bad weather, NASA is now releasing information about the Space Shuttle Endeavour’s tour of California.


(credit: Bruce Weaver/Getty Images)

Shuttle Endeavour To Fly Over Sacramento On Way To SoCal Museum

Sacramento-area residents will have a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the space shuttle Endeavour flying in the skies over the Capital City as it flies to Southern California where it will permanently be displayed in a museum.