Endeavour Viewers Pack Downtown Rooftops, Cause Traffic DelaysThe shuttle flyover brought business to a halt in downtown Sacramento, drawing large crowds and creating traffic headaches.
The Don Geronimo Show - September 21, 2012
Rooftops, Tall Buildings Home To Best Endeavour Viewing SpotsThe retired space shuttle Endeavour is in Houston Wednesday night after getting a piggy back ride from Florida as the shuttle heads to its retirement home in Los Angeles.
Where Are You Going To Watch Endeavour's Sacramento Flyover?It's a once-in-a-lifetime event! Where are you planning on going to watch as the Space Shuttle Endeavour flies over the Capital City?
Endeavour On Its Way To California; Sacramento Flyover Planned For FridayThe space shuttle Endeavour is now on its way to California.
NASA Releases Details On Shuttle Endeavour's Sacramento FlyoverAfter being pushed back by a day due to bad weather, NASA is now releasing information about the Space Shuttle Endeavour’s tour of California.
Shuttle Endeavour To Fly Over Sacramento On Way To SoCal MuseumSacramento-area residents will have a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the space shuttle Endeavour flying in the skies over the Capital City as it flies to Southern California where it will permanently be displayed in a museum.