T-Mobile And Sprint Agree To MergeThe merger would help the companies slash costs and could make them a stronger competitor to larger AT&T and Verizon. But consumers might see higher prices because there would be fewer competitors in the industry.
Sprint, T-Mobile End Merger TalksWireless carriers Sprint and T-Mobile called off a potential merger, saying the companies couldn't come to an agreement that would benefit customers and shareholders.
Modesto Sprint Store Robbed At GunpointModesto police are investigating an armed robbery at a Sprint store on Monday morning.
Call Kurtis: Why Your Cellphone May Not Be RingingAn Elk Grove man says his cell phone doesn't ring reliably. When, he says, his carrier couldn't fix the problem for six months, he called Kurtis.
Call Kurtis: How To Ditch Your Cell Contract Without Paying Hefty Fees Looking to get out of your cell phone contract without paying those hefty early termination fees? We call on Kurtis Ming with how to ditch your contract without paying a penalty.
Call Kurtis: Using Too Much Data Usage Can Slow You DownIt's amazing how much smartphones can do these days. But if you do too much online, you could face fees or slowed down service.
Thieves Get Away With Smart Phones In Smash-And-Grab BurglaryThieves smashed the window of an Elk Grove Sprint store and took several smart phones, according to police.