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Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte Now To Include Real Pumpkin

As the leaves change colors, Starbucks prepares its most popular seasonal beverage, Pumpkin Spice Latte which returns September 8.


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Fast-Food Industry Embracing Snack-Size Culture

After years of slinging super-sized servings, some fast-food chains are starting to see the benefits of offering daintier bites. That includes mini-hot dogs, little chicken sandwiches and shakes that are smaller than a small.



Police: Man Stole Tip Jar From Starbucks, Shot Person Who Tried To Stop Him

Police say a Good Samaritan was shot while trying to stop a man who allegedly stole money from a tip jar.


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Police: 5-Year-Old Finds Hidden Cell Phone Camera Inside Starbucks Women’s Restroom

A 5-year-old boy reportedly found a hidden cell phone camera inside the women’s restroom at a Lancaster Starbucks.


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While Other Coffee Sellers Cut Prices, Cost For Starbucks Going Up

The coffee company is raising its prices 5 to 20 cents for most drinks. The Seattle-based company also raised prices nationally about a year ago.



Starbucks Announces 6 New Limited-Time Frappucino Flavors

The Frappuccino is turning 20, and to celebrate, Starbucks is rolling out six new Frappuccino flavors.


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Wal-Mart Bottled Water Comes From Sacramento Municipal Supply

According to the label, the water comes from the Sacramento Municipal Water Supply. This comes on the heels of Starbucks opting to move sourcing and production of its Ethos bottled water from California to Pennsylvania.


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Starbucks Will Stop Bottling Ethos Water From Drought-Stricken California

The company says it will move production to its supplier in Pennsylvania over the next sixth months and continue to look for alternative sources and suppliers for its West Coast distribution.


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Starbucks Under Fire For Drawing Bottled Water Supply From Drought-Stricken California

A bottle of Ethos water shows a map of the world on its label, but it turns out the water didn’t make a long trip to get to a Midtown Sacramento Starbucks. It was pumped out of Placer County and bottled in Merced.


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Starbucks Glitch Meant Free Coffee, Some Stores Shut Down

Starbucks’ point-of-sale system went down for five hours starting around 4 p.m on Friday, impacting stores across the United States and Canada.


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Starbucks Prepares To Expand Pay-Ahead Option Nationally

Starbucks launched a mobile order-and-pay-ahead option in the Portland, Oregon, area this week as it prepares to expand the offering nationally over the next year.


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Travel On A Budget This Labor Day Weekend

Here are some helpful tips to keep costs down while enjoying a safe and enjoyable trip over the Labor Day weekend.