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Davis Couple Xu Bowen

Couple Accused Of Davis Park Peep Show Now Face Federal Child Pornography Charges

In addition, Xu is charged with manufacturing child pornography of her own toddler. According to the complaint, photos and videos of the baby were found on the suspects’ phones.


Theresa Taylor

State Worker Furloughs Ending, But Damage Already Done To Families

Through four years of furloughs, Theresa and her husband have been trying to make ends meet, even finding it difficult to pay their utility bill. Now, even with furloughs over, they’re packing up boxes because their home is going back to the bank.


state workers

State Worker Free Following Fraud Arrest, 2nd Still Behind Bars

A state worker walked out of jail one day after he and another state employee were arrested on allegations of taking bribes.


state workers

State Workers Arrested In Fraud, Kickback Investigation

Stephanie Clark, an employee of the Department of Fish and Wildlife, and Danny Compson, a Caltrans worker, are both facing fraud and corruption charges after an anonymous tip.


state workers

On The Money: State Park Employees Caught Bowling While On The Clock

Taxpayers paid to fly state employees from Southern California to Sacramento, where they went bowling when their plane landed, and our “On The Money” cameras caught them red handed.



Study Finds State Workers’ Benefits Grow 3 Times Faster Than Private Sector

The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association is releasing findings after poring over state worker pay between 2005 and 2010.



Pension Reform Measures Grilled During Workers’ Labor Day Barbecue

Working and retired state employees were grilling more than hotdogs at their annual Labor Day picnic on Monday. They were also grilling a decision by state lawmakers to approve the biggest cutback in their benefits in state history.


gov jerry brown

Governor Unveils Aggressive Pension Reform Plan

Gov. Jerry Brown unveiled details of his pension proposal Thursday that seeks to move new California state workers to a hybrid system where guaranteed benefits are combined with a 401(k)-style plan and would raise the retirement age from 55 to 67 for civil workers, as union leaders lined up to oppose his plans.


(credit: CBS)

SEIU Under Attack From Inside Out

The SEIU, California’s most powerful state worker’s union, is under attack from the inside out, but members say they’re giving themselves a pay raise.


The California Capitol in Sacramento

State Worker Contracts Pass Legislature After Speed Bumps

The Senate has approved six labor contracts covering more than 50,000 prison guards, engineers, scientists and other state workers even as some lawmakers expressed concern that they do not save as much money as originally hoped.


Commission: Freeze Pensions For California Workers

A California watchdog agency on Thursday called on the governor and Legislature to freeze pension benefits for current state and local government workers and overhaul the existing system, as the debate over retirement benefits for public employees has exploded nationwide.