Steve Hansen

Sacramento Kings Arena

Sacramento Kings Arena Debate Centers Around Public Funding, Chris Hansen’s Involvement

The battle has been raging on in the media for months. Now those for and against the arena are going head-to-head in person.


Smoking Ban

Sacramento City Councilman Floating Outdoor Smoking Ban

Councilman Steve Hansen is working with the American Cancer Society on crafting an ordinance which would ban smoking in outdoor areas.


(Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images)

Sacramento Councilman Steve Hansen Says Arena Negotiations Moving Forward

The Jason Ross Show welcomed Sacramento City Councilman Steve Hansen to discuss the council meeting last night, he touched on some details of the motion passed to move forward with the arena negotiations.

KHTK Sports 1140–02/27/2013

The Jason Ross Show

The Jason Ross Show – February 27, 2013

Wednesday on The Jason Ross Show we start with the news of 49ers quarterback Alex Smith being traded to the Kansas City Chiefs. We asked listeners and 49er fans how they would sum up Alex […]

KHTK Sports 1140–02/27/2013