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Stockton Police: Woman Stabs Boyfriend, Uses Pepper Spray

At one point, the woman stabbed her boyfriend, then used pepper spray on him.

24 hours ago


Stockton Apartment Complex Evacuated In Standoff

A nearly two-hour standoff ensued before a man and woman surrendered at the complex at Sierra Nevada and Poplar Streets.



Stockton Police: Officer, K-9 Followed Procedure In Violent Arrest Video

The minute-long video shows a Stockton K-9’s jaws locked on a suspect’s arm as he is yelling for help.



Report: Stockton Police Fired ‘Excessively,’ With ‘Very Little Control’ In Hostage Standoff

The report says some officers may have pulled the trigger without a clear target, and simply fired because they saw fellow officers firing.


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Stockton Police Chief Praises Officers’ Conduct While Awaiting Bank Robbery Investigation Findings

Jones said his officers bravely pursued the men at high speed around Stockton while taking gunfire. It ended with multiple officers firing at the getaway car.



Stockton Police Reviewing Protocol After K-9 Dies In Hot Patrol Car

The K-9 Nitro had extra water in his car and also had a fan in the patrol car. When his handler left him in the patrol car, the air conditioner was working, but stopped at some point before the handler returned.


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Stockton Police Searching For Robbery Suspect Who May Have Broken Nose

The victim noticed there was no weapon, and police say he chased the suspect down and punched him in the face, possibly breaking the suspect’s nose.



Stockton Police K-9 Dies From Heat-Related Issue After Car A/C Unit Fails

Nitro died on Tuesday afternoon after his handler noticed Nitro was having a medical issues, likely due to the heat, Stockton Police said.


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Stockton Police Quietly Ends Red-Light Camera Program, Citing Little Cost Or Safety Benefit

Last year, the Stockton Police Department looked into the footage and the accidents to see how useful red-light cameras were to Stockton’s streets. It turns out, not very much. Police found the cost of running the cameras and red-light running tickets weren’t cost-neutral.


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Missing Seniors Found safe

Stockton police say two seniors who were reported missing have been found safe.


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Stockton Police Worry Music Teacher Caught In Sex Sting May Have More Victims

Police say, Keyes Kelly, 70, had been talking to undercover officers for two months. The vice unit posted an ad on Craigslist posing as a 13-year-old girl.


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Assembly Bill Would Require Community Relations Training For Police Officers

Cities like Baltimore, Maryland have been flashpoints for violent and explosive protests against police tactics. Some say the anger is fueled by how people of color are treated by officers. At the center of the conflict is a lack of trust.