Thousands Of Northern California Nurses Go On Strike

As many as 18,000 nurses have walked off the job and are picketing in front of Northern California Kaiser Permanente facilities.


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Hospital Association: Kaiser Nurses Using Ebola As Rouse For Its Own Causes

Roughly 18,000 Kaiser Permanente nurses throughout Northern California are expected to walk off the job for a two-day strike.


Rancho Cordova Walmart store (credit: CBS13)

Wal-Mart Charged With Federal Labor Violations

Federal officials have filed a formal complaint charging that Wal-Mart violated the rights of protesting and striking workers last year.


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AC Transit Workers Ratify Labor Deal, Avert Strike

Workers with a major San Francisco Bay area bus system ratified a labor deal, ending the threat of a strike.


File photo of UC Davis workers striking.  (Credit: CBS13)

UC Hospital Workers Stage 1-Day Strike

University of California hospital employees picketed Wednesday at medical centers across the state in response to what union leaders called intimidation and harassment from management against workers who took part in a two-day walkout in May.


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BART Strike Averted Again As Trains Continue To Run

The San Francisco Bay Area’s main commuter rail line was up and running on Wednesday after a potential transit strike was averted for the third straight day.


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SF Bay Area BART Trains Running As Labor Negotiations Continue

A major San Francisco Bay Area transit system is running trains as usual Friday after unions and management agreed to continue labor talks past a midnight deadline.


A Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) train pulls away from the Rockridge station in Oakland. (Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

UPDATED: Bay Area BART Agency, Unions To Resume Talks

A San Francisco Bay Area transit agency and its unions are set to head back to the bargaining table, as the possibility of a second transit strike in less than three months looms.


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BART Prepares For Another Possible Worker Strike

As another potential strike looms, Bay Area Rapid Transit officials are preparing other ways to get commuters to work, including possibly allowing managers to drive a limited number of trains.


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Judge Grants Bay Area Transit Strike Reprieve

San Francisco Bay Area commuters got a reprieve from a potential transit strike when a judge on Sunday granted California Gov. Jerry Brown’s request for a 60-day cooling-off period in negotiations between the Bay Area Rapid Transit Agency and two of its largest unions.


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BART Unions Threaten Strike As Labor Talks Resume

Union leaders said they’re are prepared to strike and shut down one of the nation’s largest rail systems for the second time this summer if they don’t reach an agreement on a new contract this weekend.


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Gov. Brown Orders Inquiry, Averts Bay Area Transit Strike

Hundreds of thousands of San Francisco Bay Area commuters got at least a temporary reprieve from a massive transit strike when Gov. Jerry Brown intervened in a labor contract dispute.