Poland's Jacek Czachor competes during Stage 3 of the Dakar Rally 2013 between Pisco and Nazca, Peru, on January 7, 2013. The rally will take place in Peru, Argentina and Chile from January 5-20. AFP PHOTO / FRANCK FIFE

[Watch] Man Surfs Waves With Modified Motorbike!

Stuntman Robbie Maddison, who has doubled for Daniel Craig as James Bond, is very very unafraid to try new tricks, and his most recent stunt proves that. According to, Maddison modified a motorbike to traverse water, […]


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WATCH: Surfing Champion Attacked By Shark In Middle Of Competition

Mick Fanning was, thankfully, unharmed as a shark went after him during a South African event.


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Project Underway To Build Surfboard That Will Hold 62 People

A Rhode Island engineering technology and manufacturing company has set out to build the world’s largest surfboard.



Have A Romantic Vacation In Hawaii

While some romantic activities in Hawaii seem obvious, such as a sunset promenade along Waikiki Beach or watching the sunrise at Haleakala, there are many other great ways to reaffirm a couple’s love for one another.


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With Big Waves Coming, Mavericks Surf Competition Set For Friday

With a Pacific storm pushing big waves toward California, organizers of a contest at one of the world’s most perilous surfing spots have told competitors to grab their boards and get ready.



How To Do Hawaii Like A Man

Kauai is the place to visit if you like your slice of paradise served with a healthy dose of well-earned cuts and bruises, and a sore muscle or two. It’s an amazing, exotic place that’s definitely worth the visit, but if you’re going to attempt it — you should do it right. And here is how.


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Pro Surfer At San Francisco Event Withdraws After Seeing Large Shark

A professional surfer competing in a contest at San Francisco’s Ocean Beach left the water in the middle of a heat after saying he saw a large shark.


Elite Surfers Set To Compete At SF’s Ocean Beach

Some of the world’s best surfers will be riding waves at San Francisco’s Ocean Beach in a competition that could kick off Tuesday.


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High Surf Continues To Pound California Coast

High surf will continue to pound California beaches into the Labor Day weekend, forecasters warned Friday, and crowds celebrating the last summer holiday were urged to watch out for dangerous rip currents.



Maverick’s Big Wave Surf Contest Likely A No-Go

The world’s best big wave surfers will likely have to wait another year to compete in a prestigious and perilous wave-riding contest off the Northern California coast.


Chris Bertish of South Africa, surfs a giant wave during the final heat of the Mavericks surf contest Saturday, Feb. 13, 2010, in Half Moon Bay. Bertish won the tournament. (AP)

Window For Mavericks Surf Contest Opens

The window for the Mavericks surf contest in Half Moon Bay is now open.