Sutter County

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Lack Of Water Taking California Farmers Into Uncharted Territory

For months farmers have only been able to guess how the drought would affect them, but this year’s planting season brings bad news. Not only are the crops hit hard, other businesses are feeling the pain.


Jury Duty

Sutter County Sikh Told He Can’t Serve On Jury With Ceremonial Knife

Next week, Gursant Singh is scheduled for jury duty. He says he’ll be arriving with other members of his community, asking for the chance to serve on a jury.


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Owners Of Sutter Buttes Offering Public Tours

The beauty of the Sutter Buttes is often seen from afar, but few get to see them up close because it’s private property. But over the next few weeks, the public has the chance to tour what’s often referred to as the world’s smallest mountain range.


Bob Harlan Toys For Tots

Yuba-Sutter Toys For Tots In Dire Need Of Donations For Families

The Toys For Tots Program in Yuba and Sutter counties is reporting contributions are way down from last year.


Spiking flood insurance rates

Flood Insurance Reform Could Leave Landowners Underwater With Staggering Rate Hikes

Right now, Silva pays out $6,000 a year to insure a shed. Rough estimates have that amount jumping by 25 percent each year. That means $14,500 next year, $23,000 in 2015, $31,500 in 2016 and a whopping $40,000 in 2017.


Len La Barth

Former Appeal-Democrat Editor Pronounced Dead By Sutter County Judge

Len La Barth had been missing since March 6 of this year. His vehicle was found by the CHP parked near the Golden Gate Bridge with several notes inside it.



The $429,000 Inch: Sutter County Jail Could Lose $10 Million Because Of Building Gap

The distance between the jail and the administration offices is only an inch, but the board of supervisors will need to fork over nearly a half a million dollars.


Slough School is a one-room schoolhouse in Sutter County where kids were taught for about a century. (credit: CBS13)

New Owner Wants New Life For Old One-Room Schoolhouse In Sutter County

It was nearly torn down after standing for more than a century, but new efforts are under way to salvage history and save a one-room schoolhouse.


Sutter County orchard

About 40 Walnut Trees Destroyed By Vandalism Near Yuba City

It was an off-road rampage. Someone drove through a walnut orchard just north of Yuba City and damaged thousands of dollars worth of crops.



Barn, Boat Flew In Yuba City Area Twister

Two brothers watched in amazement Monday as a tornado tore through their yard, lifting a barn in the air and sending a boat 100 feet.


Yuba City Police

Five Tornadoes Touched Down In California Monday, Tying Single-Day Record

The five tornadoes that touched down across Northern California this week tied a single-day record dating to 1996, the National Weather Service said Tuesday.


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Sutter County Woman Dies From West Nile Virus

A Sutter County woman has died from West Nile Virus becoming the County’s first ever fatality from the mosquito-born illness, according to officials.