Sutter Roseville


Dixon Couple Gives Birth Traveling 80 MPH Down Highway

Jeremey Edson was rushing his wife Rhiannon to Sutter Hospital in Roseville when her contractions began. But baby Avery was not willing to wait.


car crash

Rollover Crash Closes Lanes Of Fiddyment Road In Roseville

Fiddyment Road was closed in Roseville Friday because of a major accident early in the morning.


Jacob Mora

Hospital Worker Accused Of Sexting With Teens, Having Sex With 14-Year-Old

Officers say the suspect was sending and receiving sexually explicit messages with underage girls on his cellphone using an instant-messaging app called Kik.



Dirty Job Doesn’t Keep Hospital Worker Down

Squeaky clean floors and not a piece of trash in sight, keeping Sutter Roseville clean is one man’s mission. It’s a big job and an important one to make sure all the medical waste is taken care of.


Sutter Memorial

MRSA Outbreak Affects Babies At Sutter Memorial

An infection outbreak has forced some babies to be moved from a Sacramento hospital to Roseville.