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Baddest Tailgating Mobiles In San Francisco

You can hop on any number of party buses to enjoy stress-free tailgating for 49ers games.



Rules of the Road: The 10 Commandments of Tailgating in Oakland

Fans of the San Francisco 49ers and other NFL teams might argue with the Raiders’ ranking. Nonetheless, most tailgaters at O.co Coliseum wouldn’t argue with these 10 tailgating guidelines, laid out by the Raiders.


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Tailgate Timing For A 49ers Game

For San Francisco 49ers players and tailgaters alike, timing is everything. Make sure you plan your game outing appropriately.


Make tailgating fun for everyone by following the rules (Credit: Alex Baranda)

Rules of the Road: The 10 Commandments of Tailgating in San Francisco

Aside from the ban on “extracurricular activity” after kickoff, here are nine other things you need to keep in mind if you plan to eat, drink and celebrate before 49ers games at The Stick.


Make a trip to the 49ers game easy with simple parking tips (Credit: Alex Baranda)

Tips for Parking at Candlestick Park

Here’s some information that can make the Candlestick parking experience almost as effortless as a Steve Young-to-Jerry Rice pass.



Best Ways to Get to an Oakland Raiders Game Without Driving

AC Transit, BART and Capitol Corridor are three ways to get to O.Co Coliseum without driving a car.



Tailgating Parking Tips at O.co Coliseum

Forget tackles and touchdowns—finding parking at O.co Coliseum can make what the Raiders do on the field look easy. Take your mind off of the steering wheel with these game-day parking tips.



Five Weekly Parties That Make You Feel Like You Are At A 49ers Game

Whether the 49ers are away or you couldn’t snatch up a ticket, watching the game at a great San Francisco sports bar will be the next best thing.



Five Tailgating Gadgets Every Raiders Fan Should Own

Even though Raiders mascots might not participate on the field, their role off the field is just as important. The following are the top five gadgets a Raiders mascot should never be without.



Tailgating Toys Every 49ers Fan Should Own

Stocked with these gadgets, you’ll be the most prepared 49ers fan at the tailgate.


Kick Off Raiders Season With Some Spice

Start Raiders season off right with a recipe that can be made quickly at home and easily enjoyed at any tailgate location.


Dance Your Way Into The 49ers’ Season

Tailgating is a mobile party. Take the party with you with this versatile playlist.