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Packing Suitcase

Tips On Packing Lightly For Vacation

For the first-time traveler hoping to avoid baggage fees to the experienced globetrotter, the following 10 tips will help teach you how to pack more efficiently and maybe even more safely.


Police K-9 Kai sits next to the two pounds of crystal meth he helped locate during a drug investigation. (Credit: Modesto Police)

Checks, Cash Stolen From Modesto Police K-9 Fundraiser

Donation dollars for one law enforcement group are gone in Modesto after thieves broke into a vehicle outside the event.


File photo (credit: CBS)

Thieves Steal Empty Ambulance In Daly City

Police in Northern California are searching for suspects who stole an ambulance while paramedics were helping a patient.


Black Police Precinct And Courthouse Museum Recalls Miami's Segregated Past

Man Steals Truck To Get To Court For Other Stolen Car Case

Police say 21-year-old man was arrested on new auto theft charges.


Dave Downey in his now-stolen "Flintstones" car. (Credit: Dave Downey)

‘The Flintstones’ Car Stolen From Front Of Sacramento Comic Store

A local comic book store owner won’t be saying “yabba-dabba doo” any time soon after thieves stole his “stone age” sedan over the weekend.


Photo courtesy U.S. Customs & Border Protection

Motorcycle Recovered In Calif. 46 Years After It Was Stolen

Authorities say a Nebraska man is getting his motorcycle back — 46 years after it was stolen from his backyard.


Mail Theft

Modesto Police Warn Mail Thefts Are On The Rise

At around 4:30 p.m. one afternoon, the suspect rolled up to the front door of the home on his bike. He knocks on the door to make sure nobody’s home, then scoops up the package.



Stockton Farmers Say Walnut Crops Are Prime Targets For Creative Thieves

The price of walnuts have more than tripled in recent years, going from 60 cents to $2 a pound. In the back of a truck, Skipp Foppiano says he has almost $100,000 worth of walnuts.


Yee Lee, Susan Vang And Timothy Mageno (Credit: Rocklin P.D.)

Rocklin Police Arrest 3 In Connection With Car Burglaries

Rocklin police caught three people accused of breaking into vehicles and stealing property.


(Credit: Ripon Police Department)

Suspect Arrested For Stealing Nearly 500 Gallons Of Fuel From Ripon High School

Police say the sophisticated thief went to great length to steal about 500 gallons of fuel—worth about $2,250—from the school district’s tank. They spotted a large truck and trailer, complete with hoses.


Equine Program Coordinator Julie Haynes

Modesto Junior College Equine Center Faces Possible Closure Following Theft

It may be the end of the road for the Modesto Junior College Equine Center after a burglar took off with all their equipment.


12 year old

iPhone Theft: Teen Holds 12-Year-Old At Gunpoint To Steal Apple Gear

A 12-year-old boy was robbed of his iPhone by a 15-year-old wielding a rifle. Both of the victim’s brothers saw the crime happen and they talked only to CBS13’s Cambi Brown.