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Landscaping Contract Dispute Leaves Tracy Looking Dried Up And Overgrown

Ferguson said Sycamore Landscaping stopped working on April 23 and the city terminated its contract on May 28. Calls to the listed number for Sycamore Landscaping were not answered. Tracy residents said they quickly noticed the deterioration of service.



Pot Growing House Raided In Tracy

About $1 million worth of marijuana has been seized after a raid of a Tracy home Wednesday afternoon.


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Tracy School Locked Down After Teen Allegedly Fires Gun In Home, Runs Onto Campus

It all started on Wednesday morning at a home along Shelborne Drive and forced authorities to place nearby Monticello Elementary School on lockdown.


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Tracy School Temporarily Locked Down After Officers Hear Gunfire Nearby

A Tracy elementary school was locked down Wednesday morning due to a situation in a nearby neighborhood.



WATCH: Man Nearly Runs Over CHP Officer After Road Rage Incident

A video shows Faisal Mojaddid of Livermore challenging a bewildered driver to a fistfight in the parking lot of a Tracy In-N-Out Burger.


Suspicious Fire

Investigators Calling Historic Tracy Schoolhouse Fire Suspicious

A one-room schoolhouse used to teach kids about the days of pioneers was damaged in a fire that scorched the historic Tracy building.


Homeless Tracy

Tracy Residents Worried About Unchecked Homeless Problem

They say attempted break-ins and violence involving the homeless camping out behind their homes seem to be escalating.


Tracy City Manager

Tracy City Manager Used City Credit Card For Personal Expenses

Tracy City Manager Leon Churchill was reprimanded twice by the city for misusing his city credit card, and this week he admitted what he did in front of the public and his peers.


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Small FedEx Plane Makes Emergency Landing Near Tracy Airport

The Cessna 208, flying from Oakland to Visalia, was 8,000 feet up and about four miles from Tracy when it lost power, according to Ian Gregor, FAA public affairs manager.


Forgotten neighborhood

Tracy Homeowners In Forgotten Neighborhood Lacking Sidewalks, Sewers

Even though that neighborhood is now within city limits, the city says the neighborhood technically still operates under those rural county standards.


Tracy Search Warrant

FBI: Tracy Home At Center Of Craigslist Jewelry Heist Conspiracy

The search warrant says the alleged robbers would lure the sellers across the country, purchasing plane tickets and renting limos to pick them up at the airport. They would then ambush them in the limos at gunpoint.


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Computer Seized In Illegal Gambling Raid Will Help Tracy Children

Instead of being destroyed as evidence, police got a court order to donate computers to the Boys & Girls Club of Tracy.