Credit: CBS13

Sacramento Business Owner Fed Up With Illegal Dumping

A Sacramento man is fed up with people trashing the outside of his business. He says they’re using his back parking lot as their personal dump and it’s costing him a fortune.


Credit: CBS13

City Considering New Plan To End Trash Ongoing Trash Dumping Problem

Turning in your neighbor over their illegally piled up trash could make for a big payday. The mess on one city councilman’s block is so bad, he’s got city hall putting a spotlight on it.


Eula Jones (Credit: CBS13)

Sacramento City Removes Trash Piling Up In Park After Senior Citizen Calls CBS13

A stinky mess that was piling up in a Sacramento neighborhood is a thing of the past, thanks to the persistence of a senior.


Eula Jones (Credit: CBS13)

Sacramento Senior Fed Up After Request For City To Remove Trash Goes Unanswered

Garbage piled up near Eula Jones’ home, bringing unbearable smells with it. When she contacted the city of Sacramento, they told her to call someone else. So she called CBS13 for help.



Suspected Explosive Device In Downtown Sacramento Just Bucket Of Trash

Officers were busy overnight investigating a suspicious-looking device in downtown Sacramento.



California Reduced Trash To Record Low In 2012

Californians reduced the amount of trash sent to landfills to a record low last year.



Fairfield Trash Piles Up As Sanitation Workers Strike

People are talking trash in several local cities. They’re really talking trash because their garbage has been piling up, and there’s nothing they can do about it.


Bear spotted near garbage cans outside Ikeda's in Auburn. (credit: Jodi & Steven Casperite)

Auburn Restaurant Employee Has Close Encounter With Bears

An employee at an Auburn restaurant had to use extreme measures to scare away a family of bears that were digging through garbage.