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Crews Clear Hazardous Trees Scorched By The King Fire

Crews in El Dorado County spent the day in Georgetown working to clear hazardous trees from campgrounds.


drought flight

PG&E Goes Airborne To Find Drought-Stricken Trees Threatening Power Lines

As the drought drags on, the chances for destructive wildfires increase by the day. Crews are taking to the air looking for to help keep the fire danger to a minimum.


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California Drought, Watering Restrictions Could Send Redwoods Crashing Down

Trees not getting enough water are dying across the region, and it’s important to know how to tell if one near you may be on the verge of coming down.



Keeping Your Trees Healthy In The Drought

In this drought, we are getting our lawns go brown by shutting up off the sprinklers. But how can we keep our trees healthy?


File photo of a tree in Paradise. (credit: CBS13)

Wind Topples Trees In Paradise, Killing 2

Two people were killed by fallen trees in separate incidents following winds above 60 mph that have also toppled power lines.



Davis Community Lives In Fear Of Old, Potentially Dangerous Trees

Vivian Brecheisen says she’s complained for years and nothing has been done to remove the several trees near her Davis home she says could fall at any moment.


GROVELAND, CA - AUGUST 25:  Flames from the Rim Fire consume trees on August 25, 2013 near Groveland, California. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Forest Service To Release Rim Fire Recovery Plan

The U.S. Forest Service is expected to unveil its plan Wednesday for what to do with millions of trees killed one year ago in California’s massive Rim Fire that stand at the center of a conflict between environmentalists and loggers.


A dead Modesto Ash tree on Gregory Ct. in Davis

Dozens Of Trees In Davis Die Due To Drought

Davis is now going to spend $30,000 to chop them down before the dead limbs and trunks cause any damage.


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State, Federal Officials Sign Proclamation Supporting Fuel-Reduction Efforts Near Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is a crown jewel of the western landscape but is being challenged by drought, invasive species, the threat of catastrophic wildfire and climate change.



Storm Causing Accidents On Area Streets

While the much-needed rain helpful in resolving the drought situation, it’s causing problems for motorists on the streets this weekend.


West Sacramento Trees

West Sacramento Residents Say Trees, Development Boom Can Coexist

West Sacramento’s growth is causing controversy, as conservation groups are crying foul over trees that could be cut down.


Giant redwoods (credit:  MARK RALSTON/AFP/Getty Images)

Group Kicks Off Planting Of Ancient Tree Clones

A team led by a nurseryman from northern Michigan and his sons has raced against time for two decades, snipping branches from some of the world’s biggest and most durable trees with plans to produce clones that could restore ancient forests and help fight climate change.