Mission Solano

Kansas City Chiefs Linebacker Leads Rush To Replace Stolen Mission Solano Turkeys

Chiefs player and Fairfield native James Michael Johnson donated $1,000 when he heard the shelter was robbed of several hundred turkeys.


(credit: savemart.com)

Best Places to Buy a Turkey in the Sacramento Area

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it’s time to get your turkey lined up! If you are tired of the generic grocery store frozen turkey, here are five spots to check out this holiday season.



Turkey Troubles In Davis: Feeding Isn’t For These Birds

More than 100 turkeys have made two areas of Davis their permanent home, and it’s causing one big mess for some residents.


A turkey with an arrow in its hind side has been spotted roaming throughout Davis. (credit: Department of Fish and Game)

Turkey With Arrow In Rear Spotted Roaming Davis

They’ve seen him roaming the streets in Davis. There’s a wild turkey that’s pretty peeved — and you would be too if this happened to your posterior.