Twin Rivers Unified School District

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Ask A Sacramento Expert: School Lunches To Prepare In 10 Minutes Or Less

Twin Rivers Unified School District nutritionist Lisa Vorce regularly sees kids bringing bologna lunchables, fruit roll-ups and white bread sandwiches stuffed with processed lunchmeat. Millions of advertising dollars are spent making such items sound nutritious, but reading food labels often proves otherwise.


punished for bracelets

Seventh-Grader Says School Punished Her For Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelet

When Ashleigh Williams says her school Rio Prep Academy insisted she had to turn them inside out or take them off, it reached a head on Wednesday.


Cold Classrooms

Twin Rivers Students, Teachers Return To Cold Classrooms After Break

Teachers say there were only portable heaters for warmth, leaving students to bundle up in their jackets and even cover up with blankets.



Twin Rivers Unified School Cafeteria Was Shut Down After Failed Health Inspection

Twice a year, county inspectors show up unannounced for surprise inspections at 380 schools in Sacramento County.


Cortez Quinn (Credit: Twin Rivers Unified School District)

Twin Rivers Trustee Taking Leave While Facing Accusations Of Illegal Loans, Falsifying Paternity Test

The Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office says Cortez had been illegally accepting money from a female employee at the school, with whom he was also in a relationship.


Cortez Quinn (Credit: Twin Rivers Unified School District)

Twin Rivers Trustee Charged With Accepting Illegal Loans, Falsifying Paternity Test

In the latest development for the problem-plagued Twin Rivers Unified School District, an elected official has been arrested on several felony charges — including illegally accepting money.


Rob Ball

Twin Rivers Business Administrator Abruptly Resigns, Collecting $174,570.60 Salary

We wanted to know the conditions of the buyout for a man who has been with the district since its beginning five years ago—a district critics say has made some questionable financial decisions in the past.


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Master’s Degree Is Key To Success For Speech Therapist In Sacramento

Felice Clark uses her advanced degree every day as a speech therapist for more than 70 elementary school students.


Margo Santana

Foothill High School Staff Member Arrested For Giving Unauthorized Physicals

A Foothill High School staff member who gave unauthorized sports physicals to students at the school was arrested Wednesday.


Twin Rivers Police Department

Grand Jury Report Blasts Twin Rivers Unified School District’s Top Administrators

A Sacramento grand jury wants the Twin Rivers School District to replace most of its administration due to allegations of illegal activity.



Twin Rivers Looking To Advertise At School Sites

One local school district is so desperate for money, officials are looking at turning their schools into billboards.


Cortez Quinn

Twin Rivers Trustee Accused Of Accepting Illegal Loan

Twin Rivers School District Trustee Cortez Quinn is alleged of accepting an illegal $55,000 loan.