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UC Davis Medical Center Cancels Some Procedures, Appointments Due To Power Outage

UC Davis Medical Center had to cancel some surgeries Thursday morning after the hospital was forced to run on generators.



UC Workers Cross Picket Line To Help Patient During One-Day Strike

Some workers striking at UC Davis Medical Center crossed picket lines on Wednesday to help a patient who was having heart problems.


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Four Killed In Highway 99 Crash South Of Yuba City

Four people were killed in a two-car accident on Highway 99 just south of Yuba City at Oswald Road.



UC Davis, Family Reach $9 Million Settlement In C-Section Case

During labor, Leah’s heart rate would drop, and there wasn’t enough blood from her mother’s placenta to give her oxygen. Kaminer signed a waiver at the medical center to deliver the baby by C-section. But doctors decided against it.



On the Money: State Bought $120K Medical Dummy Sources Say Has Never Been Used

Instead of being used to train medical workers, sources said the manikin, called iStan, has been gathering dust in a room at the Veteran Affairs home in West Los Angeles since the manufacturer set it up.


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Area Hospitals Among 10 Penalized By CDPH

UC Davis Medical Center is one of 10 hospitals being penalized by the California Department of Public Health for noncompliance with licensing requirements.


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UPDATED: Skydiver Knocked Unconscious Mid-Air In Fair Condition

A man was knocked unconscious in mid-air at a skydiving event, but miraculously managed to survive.



UC Davis Medical Center First To Ask About Sexual Orientation

UC Davis Medical Center will become the first academic health system to ask about sexual orientation.


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Judge Rules Workers at UC Hospitals Can Strike

A judge affirmed on Monday that some workers at the five largest University of California medical centers, including UC Davis, can go on a planned two-day strike starting Tuesday.


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UC Elective Surgeries Canceled As Strike Looms

The five largest University of California medical centers have begun canceling elective surgeries because of a two-day strike planned by some workers next week.


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Husband Drops Off Shot Wife At Hospital, Detained For Questioning

A woman in serious condition after being shot several times was dropped off at the hospital Tuesday night.


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Parents Of Stabbed Good Samaritan Meet Son’s Rescuers

Two good samaritans came to the aide of another good samaritan after he stepped in to stop an assault and ended up stabbed.