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UC Davis Memory Erasure Study Could Also Shed Light On Alzheimer’s Disease

Dr. Brian Wiltgen says people store countless experiences every day, both good and bad. Deep in the brain is a small structure called the hippocampus that works as our memory bank.


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UC Davis Opening Center To Help Undocumented Students Navigate Education Laws

UC Davis Junior Ana Maciel is open about her undocumented immigration status, but knows that isn’t the case with many of the 200 other undocumented UC Davis students.


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UC Davis Winery A Posterchild For How To Save Water During California Drought

UC Davis is upgrading, becoming the posterchild of winery sustainability. The winery runs on solar power, and newly installed fermenting tanks will soon connect to a water-recycling system capable of reusing 90 percent of the water used to clean equipment.



No. 11 Stanford Set To Open Season Vs. UC Davis

David Shaw was an assistant on the Baltimore Ravens in the fall of 2005 when he heard about the most unlikely upset: UC Davis 20, Stanford 17.



Boy Injured In Quake By Falling Chimney Recounts Incident

Thirteen-year-old Nicholas Dillon’s screams could be heard throughout his pitch black house when the earth shook and the falling bricks hit him. His mother, who later called it the worst night of her life, couldn’t get to him.


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Where Does UC Davis Tuition Money Go?

For California residents, undergrad tuition is $13,896. About 20 percent of that goes to fees that pay for UC Davis sports teams, the campus rec center, career center and mental-health service programs.


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App Keeps Track Of Your Shower Durations

A new app developed by a UC Davis researcher is designed to help drought-conscious Californians aware of how much water they use when they shower.


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Mosquito Spraying Uses Chemical That Prompted Warning For Pregnant Women From UC Davis

The move comes after the Sacramento-Yolo Vector Control District noticed a significant uptick in dead birds and mosquitoes testing positive for the potentially deadly virus.


A southern watersnake, which commonly eats mole salamanders, a group that includes two endangered species in California. The non-native snakes are invading California waters, posing a threat to native fish, amphibians and reptiles. (Source: J.D. Willson/University of Arkansas)

UC Davis Researchers Warning Of Invasive Water Snakes

Researchers at UC Davis are warning of an invasion of water snakes, threatening to put a strain on California’s native and endangered species.


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UC Davis Researchers Find Farm Pesticides May Increase Chances Of Having Autistic Child

Always interested in finding clues, Andrew Rigopoulis and his wife took close notice of the autism study that found pregnant women who lived near farms where pesticides were used had a two-thirds higher risk of having children with autism.


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UC Davis Graduate’s Future Is Out Of This World With NASA

Ashley Coates, 22, is not only only graduating with a double major in a field dominated by men, she’s doing it at the top of her class.


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UC Davis Holds Vigil Remembering Fallen In Isla Vista Rampage

Students, faculty and community members gathered to remember the six students who lost their lives during Saturday’s rampage.