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UC Davis Scientists Exploring Link Between Autism, Syndrome Found In Newborn Horses

Ivy had what’s called maladjustment syndrome. It’s detachment from the mother, not knowing how to suckle or even lay down on its own. It was long thought the condition was caused by oxygen deprivation during birth, but Aleman and Dr. John Madigan now think it’s something else.


apartment vacancies

Finding Apartments Near UC Davis Harder With Fewer Vacancies, Higher Rent

According to real-estate consulting firm Bae Urban Economics, there are only 24 vacant apartments close to campus available right now compared to 160 last year.


nuke uc davis

Roseanne Barr Tweets She Hopes UC Davis ‘Gets Nuked’

Comedian Roseanne Barr has started a twitter firestorm after saying she hopes UC Davis “gets nuked”.


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Sac State Hopes To Benefit Big With Possible March Madness Run

If Sac State and UC Davis get into the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, it could have huge implications not only for those basketball programs, but for their schools.


pollution from asia

UC Davis Study: Pollution From Asia Coming Across Pacific To California

Professor Ian Faloona with UC Davis is behind a landmark research project that indicates what some thought was not possible—that heavily polluted areas of Asia are contributing to our air quality.


student firefighters

UC Davis Student Firefighters Get Rare Hands-On Opportunity Through Program

They’re a team of 15 UC Davis student resident firefighters. They train alongside career firefighters and help out on real emergency calls. In exchange for certain shifts a month, they get free housing at Station 34, and they’re paid for any hours beyond what’s required.


Davis Police

Hateful Graffiti Found At UC Davis Jewish Organization’s House

Police in Davis say they’re investigating another case of hateful graffiti found at a Jewish organization’s house.


migraine cure

Migraine Cure Could Be A Massage Away

A Northern California physical therapist says he’s found something that isn’t being done anywhere else that really works, and his patients say their lives have never been better.


tension on campus

Religious Chants At UC Davis Debate Raise Concerns After Jewish Fraternity House Vandalized

The chants are associated with Muslim prayer, and with Islamic terrorism, but you wouldn’t expect to hear them in a student debate at UC Davis. They were shouted at Israel supporters when they objected to a student-passed resolution to boycott Israel.


sex suspect

UC Davis Police Release Photo Of Sexual Assault Suspect

UC Davis Police are hoping someone out there recognizes the man who they believe assaulted a woman more than three weeks ago.


hate crime

Support Of Israel Reason House Was Tagged With Swastikas, Frat Says

On Saturday morning – the holiest day of the week for Jews – swastikas spray painted in red on their Jewish frat house were the last thing these brothers expected to wake up to.


swastika investigation

Swastikas Found Painted On Jewish Frat House In Davis

A Jewish fraternity woke up to the hate symbols spray-painted on their home Saturday morning.