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UC Davis


Woman’s Necklace With Sister’s Ashes Inside Returned Via Social Media

The UC Davis graduate died suddenly on Jan. 19, just six days after catching the flu and pneumonia in South Korea where she was teaching English to children.


tuition increases

UC Tuition Not Going Up In 2014-15; Regents Discuss Future Tuition Increases

Despite promises from incoming UC President Janet Napolitano last year that there would be a tuition freeze, the UC Board of Regents has announced it would be raising tuition.


UC Davis  suspect

Man Sneaks Into UC Davis Dorm Room, Crawls Into Woman’s Bed

Shelby Sanders, her twin sister Savanna and their roommate had no idea that cameras inside their UC Davis dorm caught the man dressed all in black wandering the halls as they slept.



Scientists Monitoring Increasing CO2 Levels In California Seawater

Scientists say historically, yes, carbon dioxide levels have changed in the ocean before, but this time it’s different.


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Fans Turn Out For Sac Republic FC’s Match Against UC Davis

Sunday, Sacramento Republic FC played its first and only preseason scrimmage, that was on sale, against UC Davis.


better concussion

Study Shows Blood Test Could Help Diagnose Concussions

Members of the UC Davis women’s water polo team have plenty of war stories. With balls flying at 35 mph, some of those stories involve concussions.



Election Error Means End Of UC Davis Newspaper’s Print Edition

Student government Vice President Bradley Bottoms says the student election committee made a mistake by giving students the option of abstaining, which affected how many votes actually counted.


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Scientists: Lake Tahoe Clarity Slipped Last Year

The clarity of Lake Tahoe worsened a bit last year, but scientists say in the big picture it’s still positive news about a decade-long trend of stabilization in the azure mountain waters.


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Peeing In Pools Can Create Dangerous Neurotoxin Cocktail

Researchers found that when uric acid—a compound in our urine—combines with chlorine, the result is two potentially dangerous chemical byproducts.



Strong Earthquake Could Pose Serious Threat To Delta Water Supply

The Delta is mainly made up of sediment, and that doesn’t fare well when it comes to earthquakes. The concern is that a quake would wipe out sediment under the levees in a process called liquefaction.


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UC Davis Basketball Toppled By UCSB On National Television

Michael Bryson finished with 19 points and seven rebounds, and Zalmico Harmon added 11 points and six assists as UC Santa Barbara topped UC Davis 67-54 on Saturday night.



UC Davis Researchers Celebrate Respiratory Disease Center Unveiling

In the new 19,000-square-foot respiratory disease center, they’ll continue their work studying lung conditions on monkeys, which they say translates to better human health.