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pet therapy

Acupuncture, Physical Therapy Part Of Treatment Plan For Horses, Pets At UC Davis

She says when owners want to stay away from drugs or go beyond conventional methods of treating pain in horses, they come here for chiropractic and acupuncture treatment.


UC Davis professor targeted

Vandals Targeting UC Davis Professor Scrawl Racist Messages On Windows

It’s a campus-wide call-out to help track down a racist vandal. UC Davis police say a prominent professor was the target of a hate crime.



Underage Student Wine Tasting Bill Backed By UC Davis Passes California Assembly

Democratic Assemblyman Wesley Chesbro of Arcata says some viticulture students cannot graduate in four years because certain classes are restricted to students 21 and older.


water study

Drought, Hot Temperatures Could Halt UC Davis Agriculture Research

The hot temperatures are making the drought harder to handle and manage, especially for a group of scientists working to study water usage.



California Bill Would Let Underage Students Sample Wine In College Courses

Students taking a course in winemaking currently can’t taste the fruits of their labor, but UC Davis is out to change the rules by co-sponsoring a new bill.


cyber stalking

Alleged UC Davis Cyberstalker Appears In Court, Bail Set At $500,000

Shackled and facing serious felony charges, UC Davis Police say Eric Bowling used his cellphone to harass at least a dozen victims through text messages throughout the UC Davis community.


Donation chain

Selfless Donor Starts Chain Of Four Kidney Donations

A donation chain that started with a selfless donor who wanted to give a kidney to anyone who needed it has bonded eight people for life.



UC Davis Police Searching For More Victims Of Alleged Serial Stalker

The suspect has been arrested for stalking one UC Davis student, but police believe there are at least a dozen more victims.


food to fuel

UC Davis Using Food Waste To Power Campus In First-Of-Its-Kind Program

It’s a smelly scoop of trash—food waste mostly—that instead of going to a landfill is being fed into a giant machine with a cool-sounding name: The Bio-Digester.


Credit: CBS13

UC Davis Admits Record Number Of Students

This year UC Davis has admitted a record number of students, bringing the institution closer toward its goal to expand the campus by thousands at the end of the decade.


autism z

UC Davis Finds Link Between Autism, Mental-Health Drugs During Pregnancy

Amy Konold is expecting her second daughter in July, but this pregnancy came with more stressors than it did when she carried 2-year-old Reese.


Alan Taylor (Credit: UC Davis)

UC Davis Professor Wins His Second Pulitzer Prize

The first time historian Alan Taylor won a Pulitzer Prize, he found out when the telephone started ringing with congratulations and interview requests.