Union Pacific

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Union Pacific Train Derails In Galt; No Injuries Or Hazardous Material Releases

The derailment of 29 cars happened around 3:30 p.m. on Wednesday. A spokesman said the train cars were carrying consumer goods, including wine, rice and hardware.



Half Marathon Canceled After Union Pacific Denies Safe Passage Over Tracks

The women’s fitness festival is happening this weekend without one popular race. The half marathon was canceled after Union Pacific railroad denied organizers safe passage over its tracks.


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Freight Train Hits, Kills Man In Car East Of Davis

Authorities say a man inside a car was hit and killed by a freight train east of Davis late Tuesday night.


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Woman Hit, Killed By Freight Train Was Talking On Her Phone

Authorities say a woman who was fatally struck by a freight train north of Santa Barbara was talking on her cellphone when she walked into the path of the train.


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Man Hit And Killed By Train In Davis

Capitol corridor trains are delayed after a freight train hit and killed a person near Davis Monday.


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Trains Moving Again In Colfax After Sunday Derailment

A Union Pacific Railroad spokesman says trains are running as scheduled again through a section of Northern California where a freight train derailed on Sunday.


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5 Train Cars Derailed In Colfax

Firefighters responded to the scene of a derailed train in Placer County Sunday morning.


Train versus Van

Minivan Collides With Union Pacific Train; 1 Hurt

A minivan collided with a Union Pacific train in South Sacramento injuring the driver Monday morning.



Weimar Residents Worried About Railroad Construction Blocking Road

Neighbors in Weimar say Union Pacific is crossing the line, keeping them from leaving their homes because of construction.


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Freight Train Derails In Southern California Desert

A freight train has derailed in the rural high desert of northern Los Angeles County.


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Plan To Build Fence Along Train Tracks In Davis Sparks Protest

A massive fence to be built along a stretch of train tracks in Davis is sparking a debate. Some question whether it will save lives as promised or making things more dangerous?