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Beef: It Could Be What’s More Expensive For Dinner As Drought Cuts Hay Production

A drought in the central United States has reduced hay production, cattle’s main meal. With less to feed them, ranchers are cutting back, too. Cattle production is down to a level not seen since the 1950s.


File photo of chickens. (Credit: AP Photo/Bob Edme)

Salmonella Outbreak Has Shoppers Thinking Twice About Buying Foster Farms Chicken

Julia Thomas at the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op says salmonella cases like the one affecting Foster Farms are good for the organic food movement.



Salmonella Linked Chicken Not Just Under Foster Farms Label

Ask most shoppers and they’ll tell you the brand of chicken linked to the salmonella outbreak and they’ll say Foster Farms. But CBS13 learned shoppers could find it difficult to find chicken that’s not associated with the outbreak.


Foster Farms

Foster Farms Facilities Will Stay Open With Intensified USDA Sampling Over Next 90 Days

As of Thursday afternoon, 278 people were infected with seven outbreak strains across the United States—213 of those cases are spread across 34 counties in California. No deaths have been reported.