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Sexual Assault Charge Filed Against Utah Teen Accused In Girl’s Death

Prosecutors say the 15-year-old boy lured victim Kailey Vijil from her West Valley City home by knocking on her door and asking for help looking for a lost cat.


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Police: Suspect Sexually Assaulted Utah Girl After Luring Her Into Field With Lost Pet Ruse

Prosecutors allege in court documents that the teenager enticed the girl from her house by knocking on her door and asking for help looking for a lost cat.


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Utah Teen Accused Of Luring Girl, 12, With Lost Pet Ruse, Strangling Her In A Field

The 15-year-old boy tried to entice another girl with a similar ruse at another girl’s house in suburban Salt Lake City about 20 minutes before he knocked on the door of victim’s Kailey Vijil’s home, according to the charging documents.


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Travel Guide To Utah’s Arches National Park

Travel guide to Utah’s Arches National Park, featuring the world’s largest collection of natural stone arches.


Actor Emile Hirsch portrayed Johnny Truelove, a character based on Jesse James Hollywood, in the 2007 movie "Alpha Dog."

Actor Emile Hirch Appears In Utah On Assault Charges

Actor Emile Hirsch has appeared in a Utah court as attorneys settled on a date for prosecutors to lay out the evidence that led them to charge him with assault in a nightclub incident during the Sundance Film Festival.


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Utah School Omits Special Education Students From Yearbook

An angry Utah mother says school administrators made a mistake by leaving her daughter and her special education classmates out of a high school yearbook for the first time in years without announcing the change.


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Suspected Carjacker Shot Dead By Shopper With CCW Permit

Police say a shopper with a concealed weapons permit fatally shot a suspect to thwart a carjacking Saturday outside a Utah grocery store.


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Utah Cat Beating Suspect Arrested After Owner’s Nanny Cam Video Surfaces

Police called it torture and say they’re surprised the cat survived the attack. The animal was seen being shaken, grabbed by the tail, punched in the head and slammed to the ground.


Black Police Precinct And Courthouse Museum Recalls Miami's Segregated Past

Utah Woman Gets Life In Prison For Deaths Of Six Of Her Newborns She Stashed In Garage

The judge imposed a sentence against Megan Huntsman that went beyond what was called for in a plea deal because he was so repelled by the killings. Judge Darold McDade said that he heard about the case before it came to his courtroom and hoped it wouldn’t be assigned to him.


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Sheriff: Polygamous Sect Members Threw Chickens At Mom’s Van When She Tried To Get Kids

But the aunt wouldn’t let Tetzner take the children, and a crowd of about 50 people surrounded Tetzner’s white van, Carter said. Some in the mob of mostly women in long dresses even threw chickens at the vehicle, she said.


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Police: Man Drank 36 Beers, Used Cocaine, Crashed Pickup Into Utah House

A probable cause statement says Bernabe Urcino-Saldago told police what he had consumed after he failed a field sobriety test early Monday.


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New Utah Law Lets Restaurants Ban Cyclists In Drive-Thrus

The Republican governor signed the measure Wednesday. It would prohibit municipalities from forcing businesses to serve cyclists or pedestrians in drive-thru lanes.