Comcast, Verizon Outages Leave Solano County Residents, Without Internet, TV, Cell Service

At the peak of the problem, it wasn’t just Comcast, but also a Verizon outage. Cable TV, home Internet and phones, as well as cellphones were affected from Vacaville to Fairfield.


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Netflix Stock Price Falls As Investors Ponder Net Neutrality Ruling

Will broadband providers start charging Internet services such as Netflix to deliver the massive amounts of data that streaming video and other content require?


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Call Kurtis: What Can You Do About Early Termination Fees?

Verizon had a limited-time deal, offering savings of $140 for her family, she said. She made the switch nine days before her contract ended, planning to just pay off the pro-rated remaining nine days of her AT&T contract.


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Call Kurtis: Why Your Cellphone May Not Be Ringing

An Elk Grove man says his cell phone doesn’t ring reliably. When, he says, his carrier couldn’t fix the problem for six months, he called Kurtis.


Call Kurtis: Poor Reception

Call Kurtis: If Companies Record Your Phone Call, Can You Record Them Too?

After getting hit with a $1,676.92 early termination fee on her Verizon bill, Shannon Boisvert wanted proof, she was told by three different reps, she could cancel without any penalty over poor reception.


Davis Police Department (credit: CBS)

Cell Phone Store Robbed In Davis On Monday Night

Davis police are searching for a man who robbed a cell phone store on Monday night.



Call Kurtis: What You Should Do Before Traveling Abroad With Your Cell Phone

A Sacramento woman went on a trip of a lifetime but later got hit with the biggest cell phone bill of her life. When she couldn’t get the charges dropped, she called Kurtis.


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Call Kurtis: Verizon Changed My Unlimited Data Plan to Limited Data

A major change for Verizon customers takes place on Thursday. Customers who upgrade their phones may not get to keep their unlimited data plans.


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Call Kurtis: How To Ditch Your Cell Contract Without Paying Hefty Fees

Looking to get out of your cell phone contract without paying those hefty early termination fees? We call on Kurtis Ming with how to ditch your contract without paying a penalty.


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Call Kurtis: Using Too Much Data Usage Can Slow You Down

It’s amazing how much smartphones can do these days. But if you do too much online, you could face fees or slowed down service.



Call Kurtis: Mysterious Cell Phone Data Charges

Patricia Taylor’s antique telephone chair is a reminder of a simpler time. A time when phones were used for making calls. “I’ve had it for 50 years,” she said. “And it was old before I […]



Call Kurtis: Put My Name On My Bill!

She’s “70-something” — though the feisty senior won’t tell you just exactly how old she is — and she has pictures that go back just as far. So if you’ve shared a laugh with her in that time, there’s a good chance your picture is on a wall somewhere in her house.