Connie Salinas of Sacramento shows a large rip in the collar of her daughter's shirt. Salinas said her Kenmore Elite washer destroys clothes, but Sears won't replace it.

Call Kurtis: Store Won’t Replace Recalled Washer That Rips Clothes

After two years and eight service visits, the washer is still clanging, wasting water and destroying her family’s clothes, a Sacramento mother of two told Call Kurtis.


A two-month series of washer and dryer thefts continues in Yuba City. (Photo credit - LOIC VENANCE/AFP/GettyImages)

Washer And Dryer Thieves Continue To Clean Out Yuba City Apartment Complexes

Apartment complexes in Yuba City have reported serial thefts – of washers and dryers.



Call Kurtis: My Washer Doesn’t Wash and Sears Won’t Help

VACAVILLE (CBS13) — What good is a washer that doesn’t wash clothes? Not much, Rose Mary Forehand told CBS13, even on the lighter loads. Dry streaks across her clothes are now a regular occurance, she […]



Call Kurtis: My Repairman Didn’t Show!

When the washer first broke, the $214.99 extended warranty Sears suggested to her seemed like the hassle-free solution, she said, and she bought it. But weeks later — and after hours and hours of time taken off from work to wait at home — the washer still sat in the middle of her garage, in multiple pieces, waiting for a Sears repairman.