State Regulators Consider New Water Limits As Calif. Misses Water-Saving Goal By Double Digits

California water regulators are considering sweeping restrictions to enforce Gov. Jerry Brown’s drought conservation order.



Water Pipe Along Road In Folsom Gushes For Hours

A broken sprinkler system in Folsom that spewed a lot of water overnight has finally been shut off.



Grey Water: Homeowner Gets Creative To Make Each Gallon Count

One Sacramento woman has installed a unique way to get the water she already uses in her home to water her lawn.


Governor Brown announces proposed drought plan with stricter penalties for wasters. (Credit: CBS13)

Gov. Brown Proposes Stiffer Penalties For Water Wasters

Gov. Jerry Brown is proposing $10,000 fines for residents and businesses wasting water in the drought despite his order to cut water use.


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Mud Run In Southern California Canceled Because Of Drought

A popular mud run in Southern California has been canceled because officials don’t want to expend the water during the state’s historic drought.


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State’s Drought Conservation Plan To Be Revised Today

California regulators are revising the state’s plan for saving water with mandatory water-use reduction targets across the state.


California Lottery

California Lottery Building Among Worst In State When It Comes To Wasting Water

The brand-new state-of-the-art and environmentally green California Lottery building is one culprit. It used 26 percent more water in 2014 than the year before. Operations direct Terry Murphy blames an irrigation leak that went unchecked for four months.



Can You Have A Pool And Still Help With The Drought?

Some are wondering whether a pool is really worth it during a drought – but it may not be as bad as you think.


levee widening

Widening Levees Could Help Replenish California’s Groundwater Supply

Believe it or not, flood control could be a solution to help ease California’s drought. Scientists at UC Davis say widening some levees, or removing them all together, could recharge the state’s groundwater.


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California Drought Speeds Up Water-Efficiency Standards

California regulators are speeding up water-efficiency standards for faucets and urinals in response to the drought.


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Gov. Brown Signs Bill Authorizing $1 Billion In Drought-Related Spending

Gov. Jerry Brown has approved a plan injecting $1 billion of water spending into California as it grapples with a historic drought.


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$1B Water Spending Bill Heads To Governor

A $1 billion water spending plan for drought-stricken California is heading to Gov. Jerry Brown.