California Lottery

California Lottery Building Among Worst In State When It Comes To Wasting Water

The brand-new state-of-the-art and environmentally green California Lottery building is one culprit. It used 26 percent more water in 2014 than the year before. Operations direct Terry Murphy blames an irrigation leak that went unchecked for four months.



Can You Have A Pool And Still Help With The Drought?

Some are wondering whether a pool is really worth it during a drought – but it may not be as bad as you think.


levee widening

Widening Levees Could Help Replenish California’s Groundwater Supply

Believe it or not, flood control could be a solution to help ease California’s drought. Scientists at UC Davis say widening some levees, or removing them all together, could recharge the state’s groundwater.


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California Drought Speeds Up Water-Efficiency Standards

California regulators are speeding up water-efficiency standards for faucets and urinals in response to the drought.


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Gov. Brown Signs Bill Authorizing $1 Billion In Drought-Related Spending

Gov. Jerry Brown has approved a plan injecting $1 billion of water spending into California as it grapples with a historic drought.


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$1B Water Spending Bill Heads To Governor

A $1 billion water spending plan for drought-stricken California is heading to Gov. Jerry Brown.


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Truck Shears Off Fire Hydrant In South Sacramento

Crews in south Sacramento are dealt with a wet mess after a truck hit a fire hydrant, sending water shooting into the air



Farmers May Sell Water Meant For Growing Crops During California’s Drought

Canals are currently dry, but Central Valley farmers will start pumping in water soon. But not everyone will need it, as some annual crops can survive a year without water. Others, including almond orchards and vineyards can’t.


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Will California Run Out Of Water?

Will California eventually run out of water? Meteorologist Laura Skirde has the answer from the CBS13 Drought Desk.


water restrictions propsed

California Water Officials Poised To Strengthen Water Restrictions Amid Drought

State water officials are poised to pass some tough water restrictions on Tuesday, including three major regulations likely to hit California residents.


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Water Conservation Slips During January

A new report shows water conservation slipped during an unusually dry January in California. The State Water Resources Control Board reported Tuesday that urban water use declined 9 percent in January compared to the same month in 2013.


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Today’s Sierra Snowpack Survey ‘Pretty Grim’

The California Department of Water Resources says it carried out the winter’s third survey of the Sierra Nevada’s snowpack and things looked “pretty grim”.