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Post Baby Weight

Despite going to intense spin classes during my pregnancy, I still managed to gain a whopping 45 pounds!  That’s a good 10 pounds more than my doctor recommended.  Nearly 6 months after giving birth, I am now lighter than my pre-pregnancy weight!


Schools in nearly a quarter of all states record body mass index scores, measuring hundreds of thousands of students. (Getty Images)

Schools Increasingly Check Students For Obesity

Chula Vista school district among schools working to calculate BMI for students.


up close and personal- body image

Up Close and Personal – Body Image Issues

I only had one fear going into this pregnancy: weight gain.  I’ve always had body image issues.  For a short time in my life, I suffered from anorexia.  At one point, my liver stopped functioning properly […]


File photo of a person eating fast food. (credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Study: Fast Food Consumers’ BMIs Go Up By .03 Per Meal

A recent study suggests that a person’s body mass index, or BMI, increases by .03 every time he or she consumes a fast food meal.


Working Out Obesity Generic

Study: Obese Doctors Less Likely To Diagnose Obesity

A new study that looked at the weight of both doctors and their patients found obese doctors were less likely to diagnose obesity in their patients.