Wesley Shermantine

Calaveras County dig

Father Of ‘Speed Freak’ Victim Wants All Of Daughter’s Remains Returned

The father of one of the victims of the “Speed Freak Killers” talked about the handling of his daughter’s remains for the first time in an interview with CBS13.


The dig site in Linden where more than 1,000 human bone fragments have been recovered from a well. (credit: CBS13)

San Joaquin Sheriff Stands By Handling Of Hobson’s Remains

Faced with mounting criticism over its handling of the “Speed Freak Killers” case, the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office held a press conference Friday afternoon in which the sheriff stood by how the dig for victims’ remains was handled.


San Joaquin sheriff's department

Sheriff’s Department Saying Little Over Mixed Up Victim Remains

The remains of a Speed Freak Killers’ victim turned over to a mother turned up at least one victim that law enforcement never knew about.


mixed remains

Woman Demands Investigation Of Sheriff After Commingled Remains Discovered

A local woman is demanding an investigation into the San Joaquin County Sheriff, because she says the sheriff is disrespecting the dead and failing to protect his community.


Michaela Garecht

Mixed Victim Remains Being Tested In Missing Person Cold Case

A new report shows there may be more Speed Freak killer victims’ remains discovered than law enforcement previously released.


Wesley Shermantine and Loren Herzog were both convicted in the murder of four people but are believed to be responsible for the deaths of as many as 25 people.  Here are their known victims and several missing people who have been mentioned as possible victims.

FBI Agents Back In Linden In ‘Speed Freak Killers’ Investigation

FBI agents were back in the town of Linden on Tuesday doing what they called a “site survey” in the investigation Wesley Shermantine and Loren Herzog, known as the “Speed Freak Killers.”


Wesley Shermantine

‘Speed Freak Killer’ Reveals 4 Locations With Possible Remains

There is a secret mission to move the Speed Freak Killer from death row to find more victim remains.


Wesley Shermantine

Convicted Killer Shermantine Released To Help In Search For Victims

CBS13 confirmed Monday that convicted killer Wesley Shermantine was released from prison to point out potential grave sites for victims of the killing spree he participated in years ago.


Wesley Shermantine

Assemblymember Pushing To Take Speed Freak Killer Out To Search For Victims

It’s been about a month since lawmakers passed a bill which would allow Speed Freak Killer Wesley Shermantine to be transported to help in the recovery of victims, but so far that hasn’t happened.


speed freak killers dig

Remains Of Fetus Found In Well Of ‘Speed Freak Killers’

Investigators revealed the remains of a fetus were recovered Thursday in a well on Flood Road searched months ago in Linden.


Assemblywoman Cathleen Galgiani (credit: CBS13)

Assemblywoman Who Authored Inmate Search Bill Frustrated By Inaction

A local lawmaker met for the first time with “Speed Freak Killer” Wesley Shermantine on death row recently, but she’s still forced to wait in the effort to find more victims.


Wesley Shermantine

Gov. Brown Signs Bill To Let ‘Speed Freak Killer’ Out Of Prison To Help In Search For Victims

Gov. Jerry Brown has signed a bill to allow a death-row inmate to help authorities search for the remains of his long-dead victims.