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West Nile Virus Mosquitoes Return Early To California

State Saw Record Number Of West Nile Deaths In 2014

California saw a record number of deaths from West Nile virus last year, and health officials say the state’s drought may have contributed to the spike.


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California Drought Creates Worse Outlook For West Nile Virus Spread

Luis Rodriguez with Sacramento-Yolo Mosquito Control says since the drought took hold in 2012, the state has seen West Nile cases in people triple with nearly 800 in 2014. The last time numbers were this high was back in 2005.


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UC Berkeley Student’s West Nile Virus Misdiagnosed As Concussion, Meningitis

It may be months before Abbey Murphy is back to normal. It took weeks and several trips to the emergency room, as well as a week-long hospital stay for doctors to discover what was really wrong.


A plane takes off from McClellan Field on it's way to spray for mosquitoes.

Low Flying Plane To Spray Natomas This Weekend

The spraying is in the same area that was treated in July, when many neighbors complained about the lack of notice.


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Officials Report First 2 Deaths From West Nile In California

Officials announced Wednesday that a 74-year-old woman and another adult has died from West Nile Virus – the first fatal cases this year in California.


West Nile Spraying

New Information Shows Mosquito Spray Flight Path Went Further South Over Homes

According to the district’s website, the target zone was north of Elkhorn Boulevard, where the tracking data showed the plane flying. But it also flew further south into residential neighborhoods.


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Mosquito Spraying Uses Chemical That Prompted Warning For Pregnant Women From UC Davis

The move comes after the Sacramento-Yolo Vector Control District noticed a significant uptick in dead birds and mosquitoes testing positive for the potentially deadly virus.


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2 People In Northern California Infected With West Nile Virus

California health officials have reported that two people have been infected with West Nile virus in the state.


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Sutter County Woman Dies From West Nile Virus

A Sutter County woman has died from West Nile Virus becoming the County’s first ever fatality from the mosquito-born illness, according to officials.


West Nile Virus

Placer County Reports 3 Positive Human Cases Of West Nile Virus

A Roseville resident and two Lincoln residents have tested positive for the West Nile virus recently, becoming the first cases in Placer County this year to have a documented infection of the disease.


West Nile Virus

Human Case Of West Nile Virus Detected In Sutter County

A woman living in Sutter County has been diagnosed with the West Nile virus, the county’s first human case since 2007.


West Nile Virus

Placer County Reports Spike In West Nile Virus Activity

Placer County is getting close to an epidemic level of West Nile Virus activity after 22 more samples tested positive this week and four dead birds were also infected.