wine and dine wednesday

Trio (credit: Dale Shaver)

Wine And Dine Wednesday: Trio

I am crazy for cookbooks. I read them like novels. At last count, I have 600+… and that was 3 years ago. If I can find just ONE recipe in a book that turns me on, I am thrilled. Which brings me to Trio: Restaurant – Bakery – Market


Xochimilco (credit: Dale Shaver)

Wine And Dine Wednesday: Xochimilco

When I write my blogs for Wine & Dine Wednesday, the experiences can range from high-end restaurants to less expensive locations. Xochimilco is at the less-expensive end of the spectrum, but it is one of the tastiest dining destinations you will want to hit up.


Paul Martin’s Oysters (credit: Dale Shaver)

Wine And Dine Wednesday: Paul Martin’s American Bistro

Sometimes, it’s the smallest bite that makes you swoon. That perfect bite that you’ll never forget. You just can’t wait to taste it again, and think about it and tell your friends until you can. For me, it was the Hammersley Inlet oysters at Paul Martin’s American Bistro in Roseville.